Your guide on how to scrap an electric car

The first tip in this guide on how to scrap an electric car is an important one, and it’s crucial that you use experts who know how to scrap electric cars properly and safely.

There are a number of reasons for this, firstly, scrapping an electric car can be a dangerous undertaking for those who don’t know how to dismantle them.

Along with removing the lithium-ion battery, the person dismantling the car is also running a risk with the vehicle’s electrical circuit which can cause electrocution.

There are other issues when it comes to scrapping an EV which is why The Scrappers are among those professional vehicle dismantling firms capable of dealing with your unwanted electric car.

scrap an electric car
Need to scrap an electric car? Call The Scrappers.

Scrap electric car and vans

This ability to scrap effectively also extends to those who want to scrap electric car and vans and The Scrappers are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that the laws covering the sector are being complied with.

And when it comes to electric cars, this is an important issue and you should only use a scrap yard that is an Authorised Treatment Facility.

This will bring peace of mind that your car will be recycled as much as possible and any harmful oils or fluids will be safely removed without harming the environment – and the car’s battery will be carefully dealt with.

Another important reason why you should call The Scrappers when you want to scrap an EV is that they pay the best prices for unwanted electric cars.

Electric car battery

One reason for this is that the team will recycle the vehicle’s parts, including the electric car battery, to meet the demand from customers wanting to quality spare parts for repairing their own electric vehicle.

Plus there’s also a growing demand from buyers and customers overseas for EV spare parts that The Scrappers is striving to meet, including from those who are interested in electric car battery recycling UK.

So, not only will you get paid the best price when scrapping your electric car, but The Scrappers team can organise a collection of your vehicle for free at a time to suit you.

This service is available around the UK since The Scrappers have a network of reputable and friendly agents capable of doing this.

In addition, it is important that you select a reputable scrap yard because it’s no longer legally possible to be paid in cash when scrapping your car and instead you must be paid directly into your bank account.

If you want to know ‘how to scrap an electric car’ and ensure that your electric vehicle is scrapped responsibly, then it’s time to contact The Scrappers and earn the best price for your unwanted vehicle when doing so. Call the team today on (01204) 388488.