The Scrappers Ltd have put together a list of winter driving tips

Winter Driving Tips: How to Avoid Ending Up in Our Scrap Yard

While we’re all for people coming to us with their old, dysfunctional vehicles, we’re also firmly in favour of safe driving. The last thing we want is to hear from someone who’s been involved in a crash this winter.

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of winter driving tips to help keep you safe on the roads during the festive season. Breaking down in the middle of winter is, for many people, far worse than doing so at any other time of year. Unfortunately, it’s generally more common for your car to experience issues in the depths of winter.

Follow our list of winter driving tips below to ensure you stay safe.

Stock up

You’re going to need plenty of handy bits and bobs in car during the colder months. For example, travelling in sub-zero temperatures without an ice scraper, de-icer spray, or adequate screenwash is asking for trouble. The first two items allow you to get moving quicker if your car’s frosted up, while having enough screenwash is essential when driving on busier roads; you’ll find the windscreen is hit by a lot more dirt during winter, and you need to be able to clean it.

Before you leave

Some essential checks to carry out before you make a winter journey include:

  • Having at least 3mm tread on all of your tyres
  • Planning your journey to avoid small, narrow roads
  • Factoring in more time for your journey
  • Traveling with more than a quarter of a tank of fuel; you could be held up on your journey for a while, as the chances of accidents are generally higher
  • Ensuring your screenwash isn’t frozen; if it is, you should wait until it’s thawed out, or plan regular stops to de-ice the windscreen


The journey

When it comes to the actual technicalities of driving, there are a few pointers to bear in mind:

  • Ensure your vision is completely clear before moving off. This includes your windscreen, side windows, back window, and wing mirrors. Do not travel with any of your vision impaired
  • Pull off in second gear – it’s an old tip, but it does give you more grip and decreases the chance of wheelspin
  • Factor in increased stopping distances – it is recommended that you offer stopping distances of up to ten times more when you’re driving in the winter
  • Brake gently. This is simple, easy to remember, and really does help
  • Accelerate gradually. Doing otherwise will only cause your wheels to spin, making you lose control


The Scrappers Ltd

Hopefully, our winter driving tips have given you some handy pointers for staying safe over the coming months. If we do happen to see you, then we hope you’re turning up with an old, disused car, rather than a ruined one!