Why you need to stop searching for ‘scrap car highest price UK’ IMMEDIATELY

Are you searching for ‘scrap car highest price UK’? Then you need to stop immediately and here’s why.

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A scrap car highest price search

This issue of wanting a scrap car highest price search will reveal a lot of scrap yards and other scrap metal collectors keen on attracting you as a customer.

However, while there may be slightly better payers out there, you need to check that they are a reputable company and, more importantly, that they are an authorised treatment facility.

That’s because your scrap car will need to be depolluted by experts so the harmful oils do not affect our environment.

That’s a really important issue to understand because handing your car over to a scrap yard that is not an authorised treatment facility means you run the risk of being legally responsible for whatever happens to it after it leaves your hands.

Scrap yards advertising for ‘scrap cars wanted’

So, while there are lots of scrap yards advertising for ‘scrap cars wanted’ you need to be wary about who you deal with.

Indeed, alarm bells should be sounding should a scrap yard offer to pay you hard cash for your scrap car or van because this is now illegal.

Under the law, a car scrapping firm must pay directly into your bank account when you give them your car.

Also, if the car scrap yard cannot give you a certificate of destruction means they are probably a rogue operation because the certificate proves you have legally disposed of your vehicle.

So, if you are searching for scrap car highest price UK then you need to stop doing so and contact The Scrappers immediately on (01204) 388488.