For your scrap metal needs, use The Scrappers

There are two great reasons why you should use The Scrappers for meeting your scrapping needs: one is to get the best scrap metal price and two, you will comply with the law.

The Scrappers has been a popular vehicle scrapyard for many years and is an authorised treatment facility so we are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure we comply with legislation.

One of the new rules is that anyone being paid for scrap metal can no longer be paid in cash.

That’s because cash payments have been banned and all scrap metal dealers need to pay by cheque or bank transfer directly into a bank account.

One reason for this is to cut down on scrap metal theft, so if a scrap metal dealer offers to pay you cash then you need to be wary because this is illegal.

scrap metal
The Scrappers will pay the best scrap prices for your scrap metal and help you comply with the law.

Get the best market price for your scrap

It’s also important that you get the best market price for your scrap and while prices will fluctuate on a daily basis, The Scrappers can offer the best prices.

For those who are offering cash, then it’s likely you’ll be getting a lot less when opting to do so.

One of the other big incentives for using The Scrappers when it comes to selling scrap metal for the best price is that the firm is a committed recycler.

Essentially, your scrap will not be going to waste and will be recycled effectively so it can be reused by our customers. This also means there’s less need for mining to get the resources in the first place.

The recycling process will vary depending on the metals and non-ferrous metals such as zinc and copper will take longer for us to recycle.

Recycling scrap metal

Also, by recycling scrap metal there’s no need to send it to a landfill site and the recycling process means we don’t have to send it overseas or to other parts of the UK for this work to be carried out.

Indeed, recycled metal is a crucial part of the UK supply chain and it is possible to mix this recycled metal with brand-new metal or simply reuse the recycle scrap metal for a new purpose.

Since we use metal to meet a wide range of needs, such as making new cars and drink containers, essentially anything that is made from metal can be made from recycled metal from The Scrappers.

If you are looking for scrap metal dealers in the North West who will pay the best prices, then you need to speak with The Scrappers on (01204) 388488 to see how much you can earn.