Why taxi drivers should scrap a taxi for cash

There’s a growing list of reasons why taxi drivers should scrap a taxi for cash and here at The Scrappers we will explain more.

Firstly, the introduction of the ultralow emission zone (Ulez) in London has led to firms scrapping their diesel vans for low emission versions – as are taxi drivers.

Now growing numbers of towns and cities are looking at introducing clean air zones for their city centres, including:


From late next year high emission vehicles will be charged to enter the city centre. Taxis will pay £9 per day.


Taxis face an £8 levy from January next year once the proposed clean air zone comes into operation.


From January 20, taxis will be among those vehicles being restricted in the city centre.

Greater Manchester

Older taxis will need to pay from 2021 in the region.


From January next year, a clean air zone will be introduced with taxis facing a daily fee of £12.50.

Alongside these cities, others are also implementing ultralow emission zones including York, Brighton, Oxford and Edinburgh.

Scrapping your taxi for cash

This will make owning and running a taxi that doesn’t meet the regulations more expensive, and this might be the opportunity to consider scrapping a taxi for cash.

The taxi driver can then use the money for investing in a new taxi before they are faced with paying daily fees to enter a clean air zone.

In addition to this, some councils are also deciding how old a taxi must be to operate in their cities.

For example, Greater Manchester is proposing that from next year a taxi when first licenced must be under five years old and will only be licensed until it reaches 10 years.

In Glasgow, as a comparison, some councils will not license London-style black cabs if they are more than 12 years old. All councils will have similar rules – and if they don’t have them now then they will do.

How much your taxi is worth as scrap

If you are a taxi driver and your local council is tightening the licensing rules and your taxi is old and not likely to meet the new emission standards, then you need to speak with the friendly team at The Scrappers to see how much your taxi is worth as scrap and then have them pick it up and pay immediately into your bank account when doing so. Call us today on (01204) 388488.