Why scrapping your car or van is good for the environment


Scrapping your old car will benefit the environment.

If you have had your car or van for many years, then you may not know that the laws have changed and scrapping a vehicle now is an environmentally friendly undertaking.

The UK scraps around 1.8 million vehicles every year but the scrap industry has to comply with various EU regulations to ensure that the vehicles are scrapped without damaging our environment.

For those who break the laws, whether you are a company or a consumer, there are heavy penalties.

This is particularly a big worry with news from the government that around one in three cars are scrapped in the UK illegally. That’s an awful lot of cars that need to be dealt with by the irresponsible owners.

So, what can someone looking to scrap a car or van do to offload their vehicle in an environmentally friendly way?

Speak with The Scrappers to see how much we can offer you

The first step is to speak with The Scrappers to see how much we can offer you and we can collect a scrap vehicle from anywhere in the UK.

The most important aspect about scrapping your car and being environmentally friendly is that you should choose a scrapyard that is an authorised treatment facility.

This means they are not only legally allowed to scrap your vehicle but their activities are also closely monitored to ensure that harmful products including oil are not seeping into the ground and causing a problem.

The Scrappers will also take off any useful parts so others can buy them to repair their vehicle and, as we explain elsewhere on our website, British scrapped cars are growing in popularity with buyers overseas for who are wanting quality spare parts.

Salvaging usable spare parts from a car

Another issue is that by salvaging usable spare parts from a car means manufacturers don’t have to make as many new parts which also helps the environment since we don’t use as much metal or energy producing them.

Finally, another good reason why scrapping your car or van is an environmentally friendly thing to do, particularly if it’s an old car, is that it will help reduce air pollution, particularly in built-up areas.

The car scrappage schemes currently in progress

There’s the doubt with the car scrappage schemes currently in progress, older diesel cars are a particular problem with the levels of carbon dioxide and particulates increasing in big cities.

By reducing the number of polluting cars, we will make the environment better for all of us.

Also, by utilising one of the car scrappage schemes it is possible to get several thousand pounds off the price of a brand-new petrol or diesel car, or even an all-electric vehicle, that will be EU6-compliant so has much lower emissions.

Finally, around 95% of the material used in a car can be recycled and for more help and advice about why scrapping your car or van is good for the environment, then speak with the experts at The Scrappers.