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Get the best price with a car scrappage scheme

Why Bother Scrapping Your Car?

Scrapping your car is worth it for a number of reasons, and we’re taking a look at some of them in our latest blog. By running through the “Four Es”, we can provide an overall summary of the various benefits to be had from using a car scrapper.



Scrapping your car is extremely beneficial for the environment. Recycling metal is, in general, extremely beneficial for the environment; we spoke about the environmental benefits of metal recycling in our last blog, so if you’d like a more in-depth overview of this point, head over to that page.

More specifically, though, any scrap yard must comply with environmental regulations. This legal requirement ensures that any toxic materials are properly contained and do not damage the surrounding area. In an uncontained area, an exhausted, leaking car could do a lot of damage.



We mentioned this to an extent in our previous blog, but scrapping your car actually helps conserve energy. The resources and energy required to mine metal ores compared with those needed to simply recycle metal are greatly reduced. That extra energy can be used effectively in other ways, all beneficial to the planet.



Getting your car scrapped is hardly an arduous process. The majority of dealers will come out to you to pick the vehicle up, meaning the effort on your part is minimal. It’s also easy to get yourself a quote from a few different places, weigh up the options, and then go with the one that works for you.



Finally, it is important to consider the personal financial benefits to be had from scrapping your car. Many scrap yards will provide you with a reasonable amount of cash after you’ve turned your vehicle in. Scrap car dealers will take money from you in exchange for the metal you’re supplying, allowing you to get something back from trading in your vehicle. Surely that’s better than letting an old banger rot away in your garage …

As we’ve mentioned, a number of scrap car dealers will come out to you and collect your vehicle for you, so it really couldn’t be a lot easier to make a bit of extra money. The amount you get will depend largely on the make and model of the car you’re scrapping.


The Scrappers Ltd

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