Who will pay me the best price for my van?

 VAN Go!

There’s something so rewarding about having a van – as any van driver will tell you.

A Ford Transit for scrapping

If it’s a camper van, being able to go wherever you pretty much fancy, or in this case VANcy, and just being able to chill.
Another plus to driving any kind of van is ownership of the road too. Being in a bigger vehicle instantly makes you feel more powerful and commands attention as you drive around the place.
Think about it, you’re sat higher than most other motorists – giving you a birds eye view of the road ahead of you. Plus vans have a bigger crumple zone, they just feel safer.
The Scrappers have always been van fans. We think vans are pretty VANtastic!
That’s why we will buy any kind of van from you and pay you VANderfully for it! So when it is time to part ways with your van for whatever reason – we’re your van gang!
We will buy a van for scrap, we buy a van that is running, a van that is not running and we will buy a van that has failed it MOT and we will buy an accident damaged van.
We buy running and non running vans. And if you are wondering, ‘who will pay me the best price for my van?’ It’s The Scrappers!
So if you’re thinking ‘how do I scrap my van Bolton‘ or ‘how do I sell my van Bolton’ or, ‘what’s the scrap value of my van’, you can take a chill pill because it’s never been as simple.
To scrap a van in Bolton or anywhere else nationwide, knock on The Scrappers door, they are the best go-to van buyers when it comes to getting rid of that van you no longer want and you will get a handsomely decent payout in return.
The Scrappers always pay the best prices to sell a van in Bolton so that will have something to show for that van you no longer VANted!
What’s more, they will collect your unwanted van at a convenient time for you.
They will handle the legal stuff so you don’t have to get into a tizzy about a thing.
Payment for your old van goes directly into your VANk account, sorry bank account!
When you sell a van in Bolton or scrap a van in Bolton with The Scrappers it goes off to an authorised treatment facility where it will be disVANtled, sorry dismantled, in  a proper and safe VANner, sorry manner, and you’ll be VANded, handed, a certificate of destruction – proof it’s be dealt with professionally.
A certificate of destruction is the legal proof your van has been dealt with responsibly and safely to government standards.
An Authorised Treatment Facility is a scrap and breakers yard that is audited by the Environment Agency which ensures everything is above board, so laws and regulations are being followed.
So if you want to sell any van in Bolton, or any other part of the UK find out how much your van is worth by either using our online form or call the friendly team.
For more information about scrapping a car in contact The Scrappers today on (01204) 388488. To scrap a van click here.