Who will pay me most money for my Jaguar?

Meow, purrrrrr.

Paws up if you’re a Jaguar fan!

We certainly are. When British craftsmanship gets its right, boy do they smash it! Sell my Jaguar

That’s why The Scrappers are firm believers in keeping classic cars alive.

If you have a classic car, that has seen far better days and has been sat in your drive or garage withering away there is a solution – The Scrappers.

Please don’t think a classic car will be tossed on the scrap heap. Perish the thought!

No, instead what happens is our network of car lovers and classic car appreciators will want to breathe new life into that classic car you sell us.


When you sell a classic car, you will get the best price from The Scrappers too. It won’t be scrap value.

You will get the best payout for a classic car.

blankSo if you have a Jaguar to sell for the most monetary value going, pick up that phone and give the Scrappers a call.

No matter what condition your Jaguar or other classic car is in, you are guaranteed an amazing sum of money for it.

So if you’re thinking, “where can I sell my old Jaguar?” or “where can I sell my classic car?,” call The Scrappers. If you are wondering, “who will pay me most money for my old classic car?, or “who will pay me most money for my Jaguar?” the answer is The Scrappers!


If you have been feeling guilty that a once beautiful car, like a Jaguar has been wasting away for years, for whatever reason.. stop feeling negative and do something positive – contact The Scrappers!

Let that Jaguar or other classic car have a second chance in life! You’ll feel so much better knowing it will end up with someone who will lovingly restore it and to top it off you will have a handsome payout too.

The car pictured here is a 1987 blue Jaguar XJ-S 360.

A manual petrol beauty. She’s not a runner at the moment. But with time, care and love she will be back on the road. She only just came in the yard, and interest in her is rife.


And it’s the interest from people who want to fill her with their love and passion and get her back out there on the road again. That’s what drives the Scrappers to keep classic cars alive!

So never fear, if you have a classic car you want to sell, it will not go on the Scrappers scrap heap it will be lovingly restored and back on the road again!

It will go to someone who wants to restore the car to their former glory.

That’s what makes the car salvage industry so wonderful and rewarding.

You may be a classic car restorer yourself and on the lookout for more classics.

Then keep checking in with The Scrappers as they often get some beauties through the gate, but they also go back out the gate very quickly!

You may be after parts to help restore your current classic car. If that’s the case call on the Scrappers too. They can help with used car parts and at affordable prices too.

So for all your classic car needs, contact the Scrappers. Give them a call on 01204388488 or go online and see what they can do for you!

Or if you have any kind of car you want to sell get in touch too!