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Who will buy my Ford Transit?

Take adVANtage

Our VANuary bonanza continues with gusto.

Make no mistake about it, we are obsessed with vans! And we want you to take adVANtage!

That’s why we offer top dough for your van, should you want to sell a van Bolton, or sell a van further away than our Bolton salvage yard. Our van sale or van scrap payouts are spectacular, not just in January, but all year round. 

Selling or scrapping your van with an authorised treatment facility (ATF) like we are,will not only pay you well but will also put your mind at ease that your van is in safe hands with a trusted salvage yard. This means useful parts are recycled which means both you and us are doing a great thing for the good and green of the environment. 

The Scrappers are often referred to as the best salvage yard in Bolton, best salvage yard in Manchester, best salvage yard in the North West. But not only that, we cater for the nation, selling affordable quality van parts that can be delivered to your door no matter where you live. 

If you’re not a van seller in Bolton, don’t worry. We can come and collect your van if you can’t reach us and understandably so in the current circumstances we totally get why you would prefer not to travel.

So if you want to sell a van or if you want to scrap a van, please don’t hesitate to contact us and don’t let distance put you off. 

We are after an extensive variety of vans, here are few van brands we politely demand! 

So, if you’re thinking, “I want to sell my Iveco van”, or you’re wondering, “who will buy my Ford Transit?, or “who will buy my Merc Sprinter?”, “where is best to scrap my Merc Vitos?” “where can I buy camper van parts?”, “who will buy my Renault Master?” or “who will buy my Renault Traffic?” we will give you a resounding answer – and the answer is The Scrappers!

We deal in all aspects of van related issues, from keeping van drivers firmly and safely on the road with affordable van parts to paying top prices for scrap vans and vans for sale so that you can go on and buy your next van or vehicle with a generous sum you made from your old van.

So scrap a van for the best price or sell a van for the best price with The Scrappers – the ultimate van fans!

If you’re wondering; “how much is my van worth?”, why not get a quote today and find out how much your van is worth. 

Get a quote for your van quickly online, or if you prefer to speak to a member of The Scrappers team contact us on 01204388488. 

Take full adVANtage of VANuary and feel VANtastic!