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Who takes scrap cars near me?

Can I scrap a car in a day?

Mondays; probably most people’s least favourite day of the week.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, Mondays can be fundays! 

In fact, Mondays could be Money-Days if you play your cars right!

Because when you scrap your car with The Scrappers you could stand to make a healthy return for your done-with vehicle.

And that’s because we are the best payers for scrap cars in the North West.

We’re also a fantastic source for used car parts so you can enjoy bargains galore and a handsome pay out for a scrap car or van.

We never get the Monday blues at The Scrappers, it’s smiles all the way at our sunshine scrap and salvage yard in sunny Bolton.

Even if the weather is naff, our team is always beaming to meet and help our customers.

So if you’ve been looking to “scrap a car near me” or wondering, “who buys scrap cars near me?” give us a shout.

You may be wondering, “who takes scrap cars near me?” or “best scrapyard near me” speak to The Scrappers.

It could be to scrap a Ford Focus Manchester way, for example. Perhaps it’s to scrap Audi Manchester way, fine with us. Or maybe it’s to “scrap my Mercedes near me today”, absolutely  no worries with us.


The Scrappers collect vehicles all over the North West region. We cover Liverpool, Blackpool, Bury, Blackburn, Preston, Bolton, Manchester, Wilmslow – everywhere!

And we are open seven days a week, so if Monday doesn’t work for you, any other day works for us too.

You might wonder, “can I scrap a car in a day?” absolutely!

The Scrappers are normally able to collect your car within hours of your agreeing a quote. And you can even get a quote online, in seconds.

Just head the vehicle calculator on our website and you’re halfway there! Plus we can handle all the DVLA paperwork if that kind of thing stresses you out.

We’ve been in the scrap game for 30 odd years so suffice to say we know this business like the back of our hand.

So why not call 01204 388488 and speak to a member of staff or visit us online.

Enjoy a friendly and fuss-free service with the best return for your scrap car. 

The Scrappers – making everyday a jolly day! 

And if you have scrap metal to sell then why not contact JAW Metals? Check out their site here! JAW Metals will snap up any metal you have – ferrous and non-ferrous.