Who is best to scrap my car with?


There’s usually a point in every motorist’s life when they are faced with the dilemma of, ‘who is best to scrap my car with?’

It can be a very important decision with a few factors to consider: Sometimes you want to go for the place nearest you, but do they pay the best?

Maybe not as much as you could get for it elsewhere. To get the best price for a scrap car why not go to the best in town, and that is the scrappers.

The Scrappers will give you undoubtedly the best deal for your vehicle that could be an end of life vehicle. Or, it could be a vehicle that’s failed its MOT or it could be a car that you don’t want anymore.

Perhaps it’s too small, maybe it’s too large, maybe it’s a gas guzzler, maybe you just fancy a change. It could be accident damaged, or it could be a non-runner.

It could just be the wrong colour! Yep, some motorists never forgive themselves for picking the wrong coloured car! There are so many reasons people want to sell on a car or scrap a car Bolton or beyond. But with the Scrappers you will always get a great price, friendly service and a collection time to suit you.


So don’t delay finding out what you pay you’ll get for your car. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Did you know that you can quickly discover the value of the car truck van or motorbike you want to sell on or scrap. 

All you need to do is visit the Scrappers website and click on the vehicle valuation box and within minutes you’ll get an accurate value of your car then.

It really couldn’t be more straightforward.

But, if you’re not one for websites and would rather speak to a person then all you need to do is pick up the phone and dial 01204388488. Press option one.

Talk to one of the expert team members who will only be too happy to help.

If you’re happy with your no obligation quote you can then arrange a convenient time to have your car collected. The Scrappers will collect locally and nationally. In other words, they serve the whole of the UK but are based in Bolton. The Scrappers are undoubtedly the UK’s favourite salvage yard.

They are an authorised treatment facility meaning everything is dealt with according to government regulations. Vehicles are depolluted before being stripped of parts that can be used again. The rest is ripped and shredded by their glorious grabber Gloria.

The scrap metal is then collected and taken for recycling.


The giant scrap metal collection truck visits the Scrappers best scrap yard in Bolton three times a day! That’s how much metal goes through the Pearly Gates of the Scrappers! 

Nothing goes to waste, even the copper wiring used in the car’s electrical system is recycled. So when you scrap your car with the Scrappers you are doing your bit for the environment. That’s because you are recycling your vehicle and earning a decent payout in the process.

And should you need parts for your existing car give the Scrappers a call because they can help you find the part you’re after at a fraction of the cost of new. So if you want to know who is best for second hand car parts… it’s the Scrappers!

At the front of the yard they also sell some wonderful used cars in great nick and for a great price.

So why not take a stroll today in the yard and see what they have on offer.

You may find a little run about you’ve always wished for. If it’s tyres you’re after the Scrappers have a sister company called All Tyred Up. They can help you with nearly new tyres at a lower price than brand-new. It means again that you are doing your bit for the environment by using something that’s not passed its sell by date. Instead of being a throwaway society you are recycling and being green. Call 01204567666 for nearly new tyres and bargain alloys.