Who is best to scrap a car with?


It’s fair to say, the car you see you here has had better days!

Hot wheels… well charred!

It’s burnt out – literally!

On first inspections it would be pretty normal to suspect it was deliberately set on fire.

But this wasn’t foul play, it was the result of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) which set a light.

For those of you who might not know, the role of a DPF is to remove any soot and dirt from the exhaust fuel of a diesel engine.

On this occasion the filter must have been thick with soot and grime to set on fire.

Get your filter cleaned every six months when you take your car in for a servicing to avoid this happening,

If you ignore it and let the dirt build up it may need replacing which could cost dearly.

Or in extreme cases, as with this poor old Mercedes, it can end in a ball of flames.

There are certain indications that your DPF filter may need a clean.

They include feeling a loss of power in your engine.

Or when the DPF warning light suddenly appears.

All of a sudden you’re noticing your fuel consumption increases.

Or there could be a strong smell of diesel while driving that you’ve not experienced before.

Or the automatic stop start systems don’t work.


You may notice your car suddenly starts to release an excessive amount of exhaust smoke.

Burnt out

Obviously regular servicing for any vehicle, be it diesel, petrol or hybrid will ensure your car is running as it should.

And if it’s not, if it’s beyond hope as was the case with this Merc, then you always have the option of scrapping it and being paid for the privilege.

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