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Who buys vans Bolton?


Here at The Scrappers, Metro Salvage, we like to big up vans and that’s why we frequently write about them.

A scrap van waiting to be recycled

Britain’s best known salvage yard are always keen to buy vans, ones that run and non-runners too.

And we have been thinking about names of people and titles of movies that have ‘Van’ in them.

For example, the movie Van Helsing – was a vampire movie starring Kate Beckinsale. And we like a sale too.. of the van variety!!

Legendary actor Dick Van Dyke, who starred in the original Mary Poppins and Night At The Museum – there’s another van for ya.

Paul Van Dyke, the dance DJ, Armen Van Helden, another dance DJ. Then you’ve got Van Morrison the singer and Eddie Van Halen who sadly passed away not so long ago.


So there are quite a few famous Vans in the world, but the vans The Scrappers are after are the ones on wheels!

The Scrappers are always on the lookout to add to our van portfolio so if you want to sell a van, then please contact us!

Are you thinking, “who buys vans Manchester?” or “who buys vans Bolton?”, or “what’s the easiest way to sell my van?” or ‘how to sell my van near me?” – we’ve got the answer… sell your van to The Scrappers!

We always pay the best prices and offer a collection service too, it makes selling a van the easiest and fastest selling process going. 

So don’t put off what you can do today, sell your van the right way with The Scrappers.

From Ford Transit vans to Berlingos, to camper Vans and Scooby Doo vans – we will buy the lot!

This yard may be based in Bolton but we can buy your van from anywhere in the UK as we have a far and wide reaching network of drivers willing to pick up your van.

So if you live in Essex and you want to sell a van Essex, or if you live in Nottingham and you want to sell a van Nottingham – not a problem. Your van means we can!!

You might be wondering why we are so keen to buy your van. Thats’ because we can recycle some parts in other vans. The rest can be scrapped in accordance with government regulations meaning that it is scrapped safely without harming the environment. ♻️


The Scrappers not only buy vans, we buys cars too, we buy high end cars, we buy scrap cars, we buy 4x4s, we buy off roaders, we buy soft tops, you name it, we buy it.

Whatever your vehicle, be it a van, a car, a truck, a bus or a motorbike – get in touch with The Scrappers and we will seal the deal.

Why not get an estimate of your van or car’s worth buy using our online vehicle calculator.

It works out the value of your vehicle without any obligation to see through the sale.

You’re likely to be impressed with our offer though as are the majority of our customers!

And we sell some great wheel deals too. There are some handsome motors in our yard available at great prices but don’t delay as they sell super fast.

So give us a call on 01204388488 or go online.

It’ll be vanderful doing business with you!!