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Who buys damaged cars?


BOTLON’S best known scrapyard has helped create the backdrop for a trendy news arts and street food space in neighbouring Manchester.

The Scrappers has supplied vehicles and vehicle parts for the exciting new entertainment area which opened its doors on Friday.

Homeground has taken inspiration from scrapyards like ours in Waterloo Street and made it the setting for the social venue located in First Street.

It means someone’s one treasured chariot is now helping to set the scene for revellers who want to kick back, relax and enjoy the show..

As one of Britain’s best known salvage yards, made famous on TV, we are often asked to help with setting the scene.

In the past we’ve provided cars for TV shows such as Corrie and also our very own yard has been used as centre stage for music videos.


It’s a case of lights, car-mera, action!

So when you scrap a car with The Scrappers there’s a chance your car may find the limelight and discover stardom in its twilight years!

And if not don’t worry because The Scrappers never just toss an old vehicle on their scrap heap.

We have always prided ourselves on recycling as much of a vehicle as possible.

Our aim is to salvage the parts of a vehicle that are still in good working order.

So, for example, you may want to “sell my accident damaged BMW 6 series Manchester”.

If that’s the case you should contact us because The Scrappers will buy accident damaged BMW cars.

And we buy high mileage cars, we buy MOT failures and we buy write-offs.

The Scrappers will buy any damaged car or van or truck for that matter. Who buys damaged cars? We do!

And you never know where it could end up.

The bumpers pictured here are now helping to prop up the bar as it were!

So if you have a car to sell or a car to scrap and you want the best price contact The Scrappers.

But not only that, The Scrappers are an ATF.

That’s means your car will be dealt with and dismantled to government guidelines.

The Scrappers like to ensure that we operate as greenly as possible. 

So when you scrap your car with The Scrappers you are actually doing your bit for the environment. 

So if you want to scrap my damaged car Manchester, or scrap my damaged car Bolton way call us!

Contact 01204388488 today.