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Who buys Audis Manchester?


Taxi!!!! Well don’t expect these two to pick you up in a hurry – even while restrictive curfews are in place.

Yep these traditional London Taxi cabs have seen far better days, bless them.

Once a fab cab to a drab cab, this red and black taxi will both soon be grab cabs when Gloria, our glorious grabber, has her wicked way with them!

Gloria will tear and shred them to pieces of scrap metal that’ll be loaded into an enormous container before heading to a metal recycling plant. The good news is they’ll be turned into something else, something useful again.

And that could even be another taxi!!

It’s all part of the recycling process, that red cab and that black cab will be fab again as something new made out of their former selves.

As things currently stand, there won’t be quite as much demand for cabs at the moment with travel restrictions in place.

But hopefully the vulnerable will be protected and everyone will stay safe.

blankWe just want to remind folks again that we offer a marvellous delivery service on all used car parts. If you need something to help keep you on the road we can help. Dispatch is usually on the same day of purchase too!

But we are also staying open and operating social distancing as we have been doing since March. And we are open seven days a week 👍

But don’t forget you can access so much from our website or by talking to our staff by calling 01204388488.

So if you think your vehicle is in need of looking at then you can count on us.

You can still scrap your car too, lockdown or no lockdown.


Remember that our vehicle collection agents won’t need to come into your home so there is no worry about breaking any bubbles. 

Scrapping your car with The Scrappers also means you get the best possible payout for your vehicle.

The money goes into your bank account and you will be issued with a certificate of destruction. This means your car has been scrapped in accordance with government guidelines and dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner.

And it’s always worth bearing in mind that we have some great runners in our yard if you’re looking for an inexpensive replacement vehicle. Just tell us what you’re looking for! So if you want to buy a cheap van, or buy a cheap car – ask us!

And we also buy cars, runners that people want to sell on. We pay well for cars, so if you’re thinking, ‘who will buy my car?’ contact The Scrappers. If you’re wondering ‘who buys VWs? or ‘who buys Audis Manchester?’ contact us. Or if you want to know, ‘who buys BMWs?”, the answer is The Scrappers.

Have no fear no matter what tier or lockdown restriction, The Scrappers can sort you out. We provide affordable used car parts and pay the best price for scrap cars and pay the best price for runners too.

Check out your car’s value and within seconds using our vehicle checker for a quick quote or call us on 01204 388488.