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Who buys alloys Bolton?

Taking it Slo… 🇸🇰

Business at The Scrappers is Slo…

A scrap yard for Land Rover parts.

Slo long… farewell!

Business at The Scrappers is Slovakian!!!

Britain’s best salvage yard The Scrappers have opened up a new business pathway with a Slovakian company who are buying engines.

This week the team filled a giant truck bound for Slovakia full of engines.

It marks another country the Scrappers are now exporting too. In fact one of their mantras has always been, that The Scrappers Metro Salvage is everyone’s local scrap yard on a global scale!!

This latest business arrangement marks another eventful week in The Scrappers yard.

Bossman Terry Walker explains: “It’s exciting to conduct business on a global scale and in these difficult times brings the world together.

“We are always looking to export engines, cars, car parts to other parts of the world and welcome any new business opportunities.”

The Scrappers already export to places like Spain, Ghana and Lithuania.

It’s a global enterprise is the car scrap industry!


Elsewhere The Scrappers outdoor gigantic video screen had a bit of tweaking and it’s now running the Scrappers latest and also their sister company All Tyred up get a mention too. If you are driving by be sure to check it out. It probably beats a lot of the repeats on TV at the minute!

Cafe Metro, the yard’s own top takeaway is under new management.. it’s being run by the lovely Gemma who has brought in two new members of staff who know how to make a decent fry up!! Give the nosh a try!!

All Tyred Up is wheely in motion now, they are the go to for any tyre related needs. You can get new tyres and nearly new tyres starting at just £20!!!!

And All Tyred Up also want to buy your alloys. So if you have alloys to sell, make some serious money now and sell you alloys.

If you’re thinking, “who buys alloys Bolton?” or “sell alloys Bolton” we do!!

Sell alloys for best price going. Call 01204567666

To scrap a car Bolton, buy used car parts Bolton or beyond, sell an engine, buy an engine.. for all your car needs call The Scrappers today!!! 01204 388488.

*** Are you in the car scrap game? Are you looking for work? Then it might be worth you contacting The Scrappers. They are always on the lookout for genius members of staff. You must have the knowledge or the scrap car game or be hungry to learn quickly!! The Scrappers need good hard honest workers who are willing to put the elbow greases in.

So if that sounds like you, give them a call as you might just find yourself in Britain’s best salvage yard!


The Scrappers are always on the lookout for trustworthy car collection agents and they also want to hear from delivery drivers. 

So keep this number on your speed dial: 01204388488.

Don’t forget who to call if you want to sell or scrap your car… The Scrappers are always hungry for more vehicles and so is their glorious grabber Gloria!! So keep the big girl fed and contact the Scrappers today!!