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Who buys accident damaged cars?

Sell my accident damaged car

Plenty o junk in the junkyard!

Most motorists will tell you driving in the rain is more of a chore than pleasure.

Steamed up windows, wipers going ten to the dozen and water logged pot holes that douse your motor in muddy gritty sludge.

Oh the joys… 🚙 🌧 🚙 🌧

It is a ball ache and best to avoid driving if possible. But when you have to make that journey you can stay safer on the roads by taking your time and slowly down to avoid aquaplaning.

Turning your headlights on can help you see more clearly as well as make you more visible to other drivers.

It’s also wise to give other cars more space as stopping suddenly on a wet road can take longer than a dry road.

The Scrappers see more bumped cars in wetter weather. Drivers can sometimes overlook the need to be extra cautious and shunts happen.

If the damage is repairable off the vehicle goes to the repair shop, but if it’s a write off then off to the salvage it pops instead!


The Scrappers will buy write offs and accident damaged cars, they’ll even buy flood damaged vehicles. So if you’re thinking, “who will buy my accident damaged car?, call The Scrappers. If you wonder, “who buys accident damaged cars?”, call The Scrappers. If you want to know, “who buys write-offs?” – you now know it’s The Scrappers!

So if you’ve had an unfortunate mishap in your vehicle keep the Scrappers in mind.

You should also keep an extra eye on your tyres during wet weather.


The Scrappers are right next door to their sister company All Tyred Up – Bolton’s best tyre depot. They serve the nation as they run a delivery service too.

The All Tyred Up tyre specialists provide a number of other services to ensure you’re back on the road safely and in not time,

All Tyred Up have a huge selection of tyres and alloys wheels starting at just £100 a set – an absolute steel for wheels!

You can make a purchase and you will usually see a same day dispatch of your goods.

Or if you are local then why not swing by their depot in Bolton and see their stock yourself. You can’t miss the All Tyred Up shop – it’s the greenest shop in Bolton in every sense of the word!

All Tyred Up can also offer you a FREE exhaust check to make sure everything is running well.

But if it isn’t, they have thousands of exhausts which the helpful team will find for you.

In this damp, cold climate the last thing on your mind is probably your vehicle’s air-con system but it’s worth knowing that

All Tyred Up offers a complete air-con recharge service.

What’s more, new customers are offered a FREE recharge test which can determine what sort of refrigerant gas serves the vehicle best.

Contact All Tyred Up on (01204) 567666 or visit their website.


And if your battery is flat, come and see the All Tyred Up crew for replacement batteries in Bolton. Or you can have batteries posted out to you nationwide.

All Tyred Up also offers FREE car battery checks to all their customers – you can’t say fairer than that!

So, why shell out more for tyres, alloys, batteries and air-con systems, when you can get the best deals at All Tyred Up.

Get in touch today and tell them what you need, they will be thrilled to help you.

Call 01204 567666 or visit the website.