scrap metal in a car breaker's yard in Bolton

Who are the best car breakers in Bolton?

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As most car owners will know, when your pride and joy finally gives up the ghost, you may be looking to find the best car breakers in Bolton.

Your car may be an MoT failure, reached the end of its life or is simply too expensive to repair.

Thankfully, The Scrappers is a Bolton-based car scrap yard offering the best prices for your end of life car.

They will ensure that it is properly depolluted and any usable spare parts will be recycled, so others can repair their cars.

Indeed, The Scrappers is a breaker’s yard offering a huge range of car parts at a great price and are spare parts suppliers to garages and car owners around the UK and overseas.

Scrap a car in Bolton

For those who are looking to scrap a car in Bolton, then this last point of using The Scrappers because they are supplying spare parts means they are able to offer the best prices to ensure they meet demand.

If you haven’t scrapped a car before then you need to be aware that there are rules and regulations that you must abide by, for example, you cannot simply dump your vehicle by the roadside.

Instead, you’ll need to have a certified car breaker, such as The Scrappers pick it up from your home or place of work to ensure that it is depolluted and recycled properly.

And you will need to use a vehicle scrap yard that is monitored by the Environment Agency because if you don’t do so you will be held liable for whatever happens to your car after you hand it over.

Car scrapping yard in Bolton

scrap metal in a car breaker's yard in Bolton

Who are the best car breakers in Bolton? The Scrappers are!

Other tips when searching for a car scrapping yard in Bolton include:

You’ll need to use an authorised treatment facility because only they can offer you a Certificate of Destruction

While most scrap yards will offer to pay cash, this is now illegal and you must be paid directly by bank transfer.

It’s important that you follow car scrapping rules when you want to get rid of a car and The Scrappers will ensure that the paperwork is dealt with, and DVLA is informed that you have scrapped your car legally.

If you would like more help and information about finding the best car breakers in Bolton, then you could shop around various car scrap yards, but it is easier and quicker to simply contact the friendly team at The Scrappers on (01204) 388488 find out how much your scrap car is worth and have them pick it up for free.