Where’s the best scrapyard Manchester?

Choose The Scrappers!

Has the hot weather got you hot and bothered in your car?

Is it highlighting all the things that have started to go wrong?

Maybe the air-con has packed in, or the window won’t wind down properly.

If your vehicle is not running like it used to, you can always call The Scrappers.

They can deal with your old car while you put plans in place for a new one. One that’s cooler in every way imaginable. 

Using The Scrappers has never been easier. You can scrap your old vehicle at The Scrappers and get friendly service with our helpful team.

When you scrap your car Manchester with The Scrappers you will get a handsome payout too.

That’s because The Scrappers can use parts of your old car and put them to use in other vehicles. The Scrappers are also a salvage yard Manchester way so they will save any part of a car that is still running well. 

Nothing is more wasteful than seeing a car component tossed on the scrapheap that could be working in another vehicle. 

So, for example, you have a Range Rover to scrap Bolton way – contact The Scrappers. Or you have a jeep Cherokee to scrap Bolton way, give them a shout.

You see at The Scrappers, we buy any car Manchester way and we buy any car Bolton way. We actually buy any car Liverpool way too and we buy any car Preston way as well.


In fact The Scrappers cover the whole of the north-west. That means we will buy any scrap vehicle in the region and pay the best prices too. So why not get the best pay out for your old car and choose The Scrappers. 

You may want to scrap my MOT failure Manchester today. Or you might want to sell my accident damaged Peugeot today Manchester. 

If you are searching for any any of those things and please contact the scrap it. You can get a quote over the phone just call (01204) 388488. 

Oh and you can get a quote online too. Just put in a few details and find out in seconds how much your car is worth. 

And because The Scrappers are an authorised treatment facility your car is in safe hands without being a threat to the environment. 

Only an ATF yard will deal with a scrap car in accordance to strict government guidelines and regulations. 

So choose a name you can trust, choose The Scrappers and scrap your car for the best price in the north-west.

To scrap a car Manchester today, call 01204 388488. So if you want to know where’s the best scrapyard Manchester way? Contact The Scrappers!

And if you have a a van to scrap, contact Scrap A Van. They buy any van and pay competitive prices too.