A scrap Ford car in Bolton

Where is there a Ford scrap yard in Bolton?

Don’t waste time searching for a Ford scrap yard in Bolton when The Scrappers are one of the top car breakers in the country and they offer the best price.

The team has racked up many years of experience to become one of the country’s top Ford breakers and they have the experience to dismantle carefully every single Ford car and van that is brought onto the site.

That is whether you are searching with the terms ‘Ford scrap yard near me’ or ‘Ford Mondeo scrap yard’.

Indeed, The Scrappers are the North West’s leading breakers yard for Ford scrap cars, whether they are accident damaged, MOT failures, non-runners or if you have a Ford salvage car that you want to sell.

High-quality genuine used Ford parts

With so many Ford cars and vans being bought every week means that The Scrappers is also the home for low-cost, high-quality genuine used Ford parts which is a boon for those looking to repair their Ford car or van.

There are Ford parts available for just about every model made in the last 20 years and you can easily source and buy those spare parts.

In addition to keeping up with demand from buyers in the UK wanting quality used Ford spare parts, The Scrappers also supply used Ford engines, parts and gearboxes to buyers overseas.

It’s this demand that means the team will pay the best price for most models of Ford cars to ensure there is a constant stock on-site to enable the delivery of used Ford parts whenever they are required by customers wanting quality used car parts in the UK.

Always looking out for Ford cars and vans

A scrap Ford car in Bolton

If your questions is: Where is there a Ford scrap yard in Bolton? The answer is The Scrappers!

The team is always looking out for Ford cars and vans, particularly Ford Transit vans and late model Ford cars – whether they’ve broken down and are too expensive to repair or have been accident damaged.

The team will arrange a free scrap car collection and will pay directly into your bank account when the car is picked up.

As the North West’s leading Ford breakers, The Scrappers are likely to pay the best prices for your unwanted car or van wherever you are in the country using a network of professional agents who work on their behalf.

So, if you’re looking to find a Ford scrapyard in Bolton, you need to contact The Scrappers – Bolton’s leading car breakers – on (01204) 388488 to speak with one of the friendly team members or you use the quotation form to find out how much your scrap or salvage Ford car is worth.