Where is the most trustworthy scrap dealer near me?


When you think of scrap vehicles the last thing you’d probably associate them with is entertainment and showbiz.

Scrap’s Entertainment!

But you’d be surprised!

The Scrappers are often asked to provide scrap cars and vans for all manner of different projects.

Just this week we sent a fleet of vehicles to a family festival called Geronimo. The motors were needed for a monster trucks spectacular which witnessed gigantic trucks driving and flying over our cars.

It went down a treat!

Prior to that, we provided vehicles for a new arts and street food spot in Manchester city centre. The vehicles at Homeland are used as a back drop for socialising, creative get-togethers and networking.  

We’ve also supplied cars to legendary soap Coronation Street and our own yard has been the backdrop for numerous pop and rock music videos over the years.

So you see, The Scrappers are probably more showbiz than you’d originally think.

Not to forget we also had our very own award winning reality tv show, The Scrappers!

So lights camera and action are pretty much standard for this scrap and car parts yard in the heart of Bolton!

Speaking of lights, if your vehicle needs a replacement indicator, head light or interior bulb why not speak to us.

We have thousands of quality used car parts in store at bargain prices.

And of course we are always after more scrap cars. And who knows your vehicle might even take centre stage after you’ve sold it to us for a cracking price.


And even if it doesn’t make the limelight, your old vehicle will still be a star in its very own right and here’s why:

You car will broken up and eventually recycled to become something completely new. It could become a trendy new necklace, for example, a bling ring a spoon or a critical life saving surgical instrument. How amazing is that!

So when you scrap a vehicle with The Scrappers, you are doing something extremely special. Not only are you getting a better return for your old rundown wheels, you’re also doing your part for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

We’re an ATF, government recognised scrap and salvage yard and we have been around for over 30 years.

So if you want to scrap a car ethically, choose The Scrappers. If you’ve been thinking, “what’s the greenest way to scrap my car?” pick us. Or if you’re asking yourself, “greenest place to scrap my car near me” go for The Scrappers. 

Or if you’ve been wondering, “where is the most trustworthy scrap dealer near me?” contact The Scrappers.

Call us today on 01204388488 or go online and get a quote for your car in seconds.

The Scrappers – be seen to be green! 

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