Where is best to sell my high end car?


For quite some time the Scrappers have been keen to expand their exporting side of the business and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

Local car scrap yard picking up a scrap vehicle.

They now export engines and car parts to numerous countries around the world including Ghana, Senegal, Spain, South Africa and Slovakia.  Not bad for a scrap yard in Bolton set up thirty years ago!

And they want to continue growing globally, exporting to the far corners of the earth, if you like!

What this means for customers is that The Scrappers are willing to pay over the odds for cars. So if you want to sell a car for export purposes look to The Scrappers.

Selling or scrapping your car for export means you can get a better price for it.  Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want the biggest payout possible for their vehicle?!

So if you are thinking, “I want to sell my VW Golf for the best price”, contact The Scrappers. If you’re wondering, “where can I sell my Skoda Octavia for best price?”contact us! Or if you’re thinking “who will buy my BMW today?” then don’t hesitate to call the Scrappers.


They will buy any make or model car. This includes selling a high end car. So if you’re thinking, “where is best to sell my high end car?” think The Scrappers – always!

Don’t be put off by scrap being in the title. The Scrappers – Metro Salvage cover all aspects of motoring too!

Of course they buy cars for scrap, but they also buy runners too.

So to ensure a fast sale of your car without mither and hassle you should reach out to them and sell your car today!

Just call 01204388488 or go online and get a near as dammit instant valuation for your car.

It’ll literally take a minute or two and the valuation you get will be for the real value of your car – not the scrap value.

And of course high end cars are treated as high end cars and paid for accordingly.

The Scrappers also buy classic cars too. And if they have been left to rot and go to ruin the Scrappers will ensure the car gets a second chance of life. They often do the motors up themselves or they will pass them on to classic car enthusiasts who will lovingly restore the car to its former beauty.


So the Scrappers aren’t just about scrap, they are about so much more than that.

From quality used car parts that can keep you safely and securely on the road without costing the earth to quick car sales. Car sales that can guarantee a great return and money in your pocket quickly to the best payouts for scrap cars too.

Everything is under one roof at The Scrappers, Bolton’s best breakers yard that serves the nation and the world.

Don’t forget they also run a delivery service on parts, dispatch usually the same day as you buy. So contact the Scrappers and keep smiling and keep driving and keep saving money!

Do you want to sell your car today? Go online or call 01204388488.