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Where is best to sell my car?


If you’re considering selling your car, have you thought about selling it for export?

The Scrappers need cars for export and are willing to pay a premium for them.

That means you can get a better price for your vehicle if you are selling it for export.

You see, the Scrappers have linked up with various countries that they export to.

This includes Spain, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal and Slovakia to name a few.

The Scrappers like to operate on a global scale while still being Bolton’s best salvage yard too.

You don’t have to reside in Boton to sell a car for export. You can live anywhere in the UK. That’s because they have a network of collection agents operating nationwide, so if you are thinking, “where is best to sell my car?”, The Scrappers are the answer to that!


It’s not just cars they want to buy for export. They want to buy vans for export too.

So if you have a van to sell and you’re thinking, “where is best to sell my van?” or “who buys vans near me,” the answer again is the Scrappers.

Without sound like a broken record, why would you go anywhere when The Scrappers have pretty much all your motoring wants and needs.

They buy cars for scrap, they buy cars for sale, they stock a ridiculous amount of used car parts for sale and they also have cars to sell.

Not only that, the newest addition to the Scrappers team is All Tyred Up, a one-stop tyre shop. They stock hundreds of nearly new tyres and new tyres. They have hundreds of alloys in too. And they want to hear from you if you have alloys to sell.

Sell your old alloys to All Tyred Up and you can make some serious dosh quickly as they will pay you on the spot.


You can also buy replacement batteries, have a thorough check of your current tyres and have you car air-con recharged. Everything is available under one roof!

Plus the mega thing is, you don’t have to live in Bolton to appreciate All Tyred Up because they run a delivery service too!

Have your tyres or alloys dropped off on your doorstep. How’s that for service?!

And if you have a car you want to scrap, then remember who to call – The Scrappers!!

Give them a ring on 01204388488 and talk some scrap!!

If you’re after tyres or alloys contact All Tyred UP on 01204567666.

So, there you have it. You know who to call when it’s time to sell a car or scrap a car.

And don’t forget The Scrappers are an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).  This means everything is conducted safely and greenly keeping the carbon footprint from scrapping a car to a minimum. The whole scrapping process is carried out under tight government regulations so as to minimise any harm to the environment.

So be green and save greens – money!! – call the Scrappers today.