Where is a reliable scrap yard near me?

Farewell four-wheeled friend

Bidding farewell to a vehicle that is past it’s sell by date can be really emotional. 

To throw good money after bad is insane but when you find it hard to let go of a car or van you’ve had for years sometimes people will stop at almost nothing to keep that motor on the road.

But there comes a point when enough is enough.

The madness needs to stop.

The Scrappers – Metro Salvage understands that saying goodbye to a car you held dear to your heart for so long can be upsetting.

That’s why we always treat a scrap vehicle collection with a sense of pride and respect for the owner who is finally letting go.

We want everyone who scraps their car with us to know that we endeavour to hep your old vehicle live on in other vehicles.

Recycling car parts is what we do best and the rest of your vehicle will be recycled into something else eventually.

So your cherished car or van never really dies, it lives on in other forms and in other vehicles. 

Another important factor in scrapping a car is to choose your scrap company wisely.

Look for a scrapyard that is an Authorised Treatment Facility – an ATF. 

Only ATFs will ensure that your vehicle is dismantled and depolluted in accordance to environmentally respectful and health and safety standards. This safeguards the future of your vehicle once you have decided to scrap it. The Scrappers Metro Salvage are an ATF.

You also need to bear in mind that it’s your responsibility to inform the DVLA when you have scrapped your car. 

Give us the vehicle log book – that’s the V5C – but keep hold of the yellow ‘part which is the sell, transfer or part ex your vehicle to the motor trade’ section.

Don’t forget to tell the DVLA your vehicle is now with an ATF like The Scrappers, or you could be fined £1000 for not doing so. 

And that really would be throwing more good money after bad!

If you have any questions in relation to scrapping your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact The Scrappers – Metro Salvage. We are on 01204 388488. Or visit our website here.

The same applies if you have a vehicle write-off. 

Winter weather, slippery icy roads and treacherous winds can cause havoc on the roads making it all too easy to have an accident. That can easily result in your vehicle becoming a write-off.

We welcome write-offs as much as we do cars for scrap, so if you’re wondering ‘where is an ATF near me?’ ‘where is an authorised treatment facility near me?”  ‘where is a reliable scrap yard near me?” or ‘where is a trustworthy scrap yard near me?”.

The answers are here. The Scrappers Metro Salvage are a salvage yard you can put your trust in. Not only for the way we will handle your car, but also for the payout you will receive.

Contact us today! 

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