Where is a breakers yard near me?

 Why do you have to be a car breaker? 💔

Car break hotel..

Today we thought we’d have a bit of musical fun – all in the name of car breaking.

You probably know the drill by now, we buy cars, vans, trucks, bikes.

Some cars are sold on, others have pretty much had it as soon as they come in the yard and meet their maker – Gloria our grabber.

But most are broken down for parts that are used in other cars and the rest is then fed to Gloria.

So today, we thought we’d list some of the great heart-break love ballads with a twist. In fact these are more car-break love ballads.

See if any of the following are on your playlist!

Why do you have to be a car breaker (Dionne Warwirck) 

My Achy Breaky Car – Billy Ray Cyrus 

Don’t Leak (No Doubt) 

Unbreak My Car (Toni Braxton) 

Where do broken parts go (Whitney Houston)

End of the Road (Boyz to men)

Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac) 

You’re so Van (Carly Simone) 

Rolling in the Jeep (Adele) 

Always on my Drive (Willie Nelson)

Cry Me A Rover (Justin Timberlake)

Shout Out To My Ex(haust) – Little Mix 

Take These Broken Wing (mirrors) – Mr Mister 


Parting with a car can be quite an emotional experience. Many memories are made in a vehicle, the chats you have with family and friends, the arguments too when you wind up lost!

It’s no wonder we see quite a few tears shed when folk do part with their cars.

Thankfully everyone that’s ever scrapped on sold a car to The Scrappers can take heart in knowing somewhere down the line their former vehicle will go on and live in another form.

That could quite easily be in another vehicle, as these days new motors are made of around 20 per cent recycled metal.

And when cars are broken their parts keep another car alive. Why but a brand new replacement car part when you can use quality second hand car parts for a fraction of the cost.

Now, more than ever, we are beginning to realise how precious our planet is and by recycling materials we are all doing our bit for the environment.

So if you’re thinking, “where is a breakers yard near me?” “Where can I scrap my car Bolton,” “I want to scrap my car Bury,” “scrap my car Preston”, “scrap my car Manchester”, “scrap my car Blackburn,” “scrap my car Stoke,” “scrap my car Sheffield,” “scrap my car Nottingham” or anywhere for that matter. Contact the Scrappers. Why not go online and see what your vehicle is worth? Or instead ring them on 01204 388488.