Where do I sell my car quickly for cash?

Driving in the dark

Night time driving – often our collection agents will be out and about at all hours collecting vehicles.

And for them, being behind the wheel when it’s dark isn’t a problem.

But a lot of motorists tend to avoid driving at night if they can, with poorer visibility being one of the main reasons.

So today we thought we’d run a few tips to make driving at night easier:

Keep headlights, signal lights & back lights clean, visibility will be far worse when your lamps are filthy.

Keep all your car windows clean so you can see out of them.

Ensure your dash lights are on a low setting so you’re not disrupting your view outside of the car.

Bring your speed down and keep your distance from the vehicle in front.

Make sure you’re not using full beams when you see oncoming traffic so you don’t blind them.

Lower or raise your wing mirror to get rid of bright light reflection from motorists behind you.

Don’t drive if you’re tired.

Move your eyes so they focus on different things rather than being transfixed on one thing.

Lookout for flashing of headlights that could be a good indication of approaching hills and bends.

Some motorists opt for anti glare glasses that can reduce the brightness of oncoming traffic.

So there you have it, a few pointers to become a better night rider!

Keeping your car in good nick is also important for day and night driving.


At The Scrappers we can help you stay safe on the road. We have an extensive range of replacement car parts should you need then, including headlights, wing mirrors, engines, bumpers. The lot! So if you need replacement car parts in Bolton or nationwide, let us help you. Search online and we can post the part to you. Or come on down to the yard if you prefer, we’d love to see you.

The Scrappers also buy any vehicle, from trucks, vans, cars, bikes.

Always paying top dough for your vehicle too.

You may want to trade a car with us, why not see what we have in stock as we buy cars regularly and sell them on to very happy motorists.

And as it’s a running motor, we can pay you in cash. How awesome is that? So if you’re thinking, “where do I sell my car quickly for cash?” then call on us!

However if you’re scrapping a car, an end of life vehicle, we pay the money straight into your bank instead adhering to government guidelines.

Your car will be dismantled safely so that we keep this earth as green as possible. You’ll also get a certificate proving your vehicle was scrapped in accordance with regulations.

So whether it’s selling a car, scrapping a car, finding car parts let The Scrappers help you out!

Contact us on 01204388488.

If you need tyres, why not contact our sister company All Tyred Up and find cheap tyres,

and bargain alloys. 

They also offer free tyre pressure checks so if you’re worried about your tyres then give them a ring on 01204567666.