Where can I sell my motorbike fast?

Who will pay me best price for my motorbike?


It’s not just scrap cars and vans, we’re after – we buy bikes too! This one here had given up the ghost finally. 

Weary old wheels

We actually end up picking up quite a few scrap motorbikes, from road bikes to the sportier variety.

And we’ve also picked up off roaders too.
They might different when they’re running, but eventually it’s one big melting pot when they come to the breakers yard.

So if you are thinking, “I have motorbike in Bury to scrap’, or you’re wondering ‘where can I scrap my bike Bolton way?” or “sell my bike in Birmingham”, then call on The Scrappers as we will buy your bike for anywhere.
If you are wondering: ‘who will buy my bike” or “scrap my motorbike near me” well, vroom vroom, we have the room room for your bike in our Bolton breakers yard.

You raise me up

We may be based in Bolton, but we are a nationwide operation – and proud to have our HQ here. 

The end of life cars that end up in our scrap yard come from all over the country.


The same goes for the vans, and the trucks the end up here too.

That’s because we have a trusted network of collection agents who come out and pick up your vehicle for free.
The cream de la cream part is your paid the best price for your scrap motorbike, car, van, truck, any vehicle.
So free collection, best prices for scrap vehicles and no catch whatsoever!


The Scrappers have a reputation to uphold and that’s why we are Britain’s best-loved and friendliest breakers yard.
We know times are tough, and it’s difficult to tell what’s around the corner right now. 
But with The Scrappers we are always around the corner for you if you need cheap quality used car parts or want the best price for a scrap vehicle.

We are a local scrap yard operating on a national scale and we hope to do business with you soon.
Keep safe everyone.
To scrap you bike, car, van, truck or whatever!! Call us today on (01204) 388488.
Or why not get a valuation in seconds with our handy car valuation calculator on our website.
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