Where can I sell my Mercedes Bolton?


Did you know that Scrappers pay top dough for BMW cars, Audi cars, BMW engines in Bolton and nationwide?

The same applies for Mercedes cars in Bolton and everywhere, Mercedes engines Bolton and nationwide too.

They are always looking to buy high end vehicles, so if you want to sell a Mercedes in Bolton, or sell a Mercedes in Manchester or an Audi in Bury. Pick up the phone.

These are just examples of the cars they will buy. But they will buy others cars too. That goes from Scrap cars to fancy cars and all that’s between.

Cars that are for scrap are able to meet The Scrappers grabber Gloria.

Gloria is their glorious grabber and shredder who tears scrap cars to pieces.

She loves sinking her claws into cars and vans and tearing them to shreds. The torn up metal pieces then go off  in a giant container off to be melted in the furnace. They come out in ingots that are sold on one day turned into something new.

The Scrappers also like to buy metal and non-ferrous metal, so it’s not all cars, vans, bikes and trucks.

If you have scrap metal you want to sell you should really contact the Scrappers!


The Scrappers are an authorised treatment facility (ATF) meaning they deal with scrap vehicles following a strict government and health and safety guidelines. This is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone and it’s also better for the environment.

The Scrappers are WAMITAB approved and they meet all health and safety criteria.

The Scrappers are also chuffed to be able to provide their customers the best value used car parts and they pay handsomely for scrap cars too!

Why don’t you see what the Scrappers can do for you. Pick up that phone and give the call on 01204388488. Or contact them online.

You can visit their website and chat to one of our friendly helpful team members live.

And their online parts shop is open 24/7 and usually parts will be dispatched on the same day.

So if you’re thinking, “where can I scrap my car Bolton?” or “where can I sell my Audi Bolton?, “where can I sell my BMW Manchester?, or “where can I sell my Mercedes Bolton?”

Save yourself hassle, go with The Scrappers!

Save money on used car parts that don’t cost the earth and help save the environment because you are in essence recycling.

So do something amazing today. Scrap your car with the best, sell your car with the best or go for used car parts with the best – The Scrappers.

You may want a new car. And us that’s the case you should take a look around their yard as often they get some cracking cars and vans at extremely reasonable prices.

But you will need to move fast as these cars fly out the door!

So there you have it, reasons to go with The Scrappers – Bolton’s best car salvage yard serving the nation, and the world!