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Where can I sell my Jaguar



This beautiful and rare Jaguar came into our yard on Tuesday. 

What’s new pussycat?

It’s a 1991 Jaguar Sport Xjr-S 6l automatic with 134748 on the clock.

We were contacted by a couple who wanted to part ways with it as it had just been sitting on their driveway for nearly 10 years without being touched.

But this wasn’t because of negligence, it was because of ill health the Blackburn-based couple – both in their 70s – have suffered shortly after retiring.

“Honestly, don’t leave it too long before you retire,” wife Winnie told The Scrappers.

Looking back on happier times, she remembers spinning around in the beauty which the couple owned for 15 years.

Winnie says the eye-popping red coupe used to take her and husband John all around Britain and to Ireland at breathtaking speed!

“It used to blow everything else off the road!” Winnie told the Scrappers.

“We used to go all over the place. We’ve been to Ireland a few times. We used to go all over Britain, Wales, all over in it.

“I’ve no idea why we stopped going in it, just one of those things really.

“In the end it was just left parked in the driveway, fading away, then the tyres went down. It’s got all good tyres on it too.

“All I know is it’s been stood at the side of our bungalow for years, stood there dropping to bits basically.

“But it was perfect when we put it there, we used to go out in it all the time.

“We are a bit too old now though for a really fast car.”


“But if it gets some TLC and done up again, it’ll be worth a lot of money.”

Winnie say her and John, a retired mechanic, have always had Jaguars.

“We currently have a Jaguar Sovereign,” she said.

“It’s an old Jaguar but that’s got a great big engine on it too.

“The only reason the  Xjr-S isn’t running is because it had been stationary for such a long time.”

“When it was put on the drive it was running perfectly.

“But it shouldn’t take much to get her running again.

“And when you get her running again, you’ll love it. She’ll be beautiful.”

Terry Walker, bossman at The Scrappers, has always believed in keeping classic cars alive whenever possible.

“We’ve had thousands over the 33 years we’ve been there,” he said.

“We repaired many, sold some of them on to enthusiasts.

“And we’ve broken a few (dismantled for parts).

“I’ve got a few that I’ve saved; a 1990 Toyota Corolla in immaculate condition, I’ve also saved some VW Golfs, and I’ve got a Mini from the year 2000 – a millennium Mini and we’re going to keep hold of this Jag for a while too.”

If you have a classic car you want to sell, running or not running give The Scrappers a call 01204 388488. They can breathe new life into an old motor and get it back on the road again – where it should be!

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