Where can I sell my classic car?

Keep Classics Alive

A couple of weeks ago this little beauty came into our yard – an MG Midget. 

She had certainly seen better days and years standing on a driveway had taken their toll on the little trooper turning her into a rust bucket.

But the good news is she’s been saved!!
The 1966 classic car has been snapped up by a buyer down south who plans to restore this beautiful sports car to her to her former glory.
He’s also taken the pal she met in the yard… a millennium Mini! It’s nice to see the new motor mates go off together!
Eventually little Midget will go on to be a dream car for someone.. as will her Mini mate.
But begs the question, if you could have any care what would it be? Would it be a car like these two? Or would you opt for something a bit more luxurious? A dream car? A Lamborghini , Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar or Mercedes?
If money was no object what car would you buy?
Most of us may never get to own our dream luxury car but we can always fantasise about it!
And let’s face it, a lot of fantasy cars aren’t so practical!
When we are choosing a car, the reasons definitely change as you get older, for example.
During your youth you’re you may want something fast and nippy to get you around and show off in! But then when you’re older and kids are probably on the agenda it’s time to be more practical so the rugrats can fit in! You need it to go shopping and basically be an adult!
Bless, she made a friend!!

A little MG certainly makes a great runaround weekend car! However, try getting a full load of shopping and the family in!

This lass is sure to keep on going when she gets her overhaul because back in the 60s they built cars to last!!
But when it comes to newer cars, most reach the end of their life. That can mean one thing: it’s time to go to car heaven or otherwise known as the scrapyard!
It doesn’t mean the car is crushed and tossed away on the scrapheap; it actually means parts of it will go on and live in another car. Just because that old car of yours is a shell of its former self doesn’t mean things like its gearbox can’t be used again.
Second hand car parts are far cheaper and are actually good for the environment rather than having to replace a part with brand-new.
And the rest of your car can be turned into something completely new because the metal is recycled.
The interesting thing is that the car you want to scrap could have parts of it turned into another vehicle.
Maybe even a fancy vehicle like the ones you used to dream of, imagine that!
That’s the absolute beauty of the scrap industry, things are recycled and turned into something new.
So selling or scrapping your car to the Scrappers means you’re doing something good for the environment and also earning a tasty some in return.
Collection is free and at a time when suits you. Your car is taken to an authorised treatment facility depo in Bolton where it is dealt with to government standards. This means you can rest assured that your car is being dealt with in an environmentally friendly way so as not to leave an enormous carbon footprint but instead minimise your carbon footprint.
And the money you get for your scrap car Bolton, or scrap car Preston, or scrap car Stoke, scrap car Macclesfield, scrap car Manchester, scrap car Bury scrap car Ramsbottom wherever you scrap your car!!
When you scrap a car with the Scrappers you will get the best price going and be dealt with by friendly staff who love this industry. So pick up the phone or go online and find out how much your vehicle is worth with no obligation vehicle valuation calculator. Or speak to a member of staff.
The Scrappers are happy to help and happy to serve.. And don’t forget they buy classic cars too, in any condition! 
So if you’re thinking, “where can I sell my classic car?” then contact The Scrappers today on 012040388488.