Where can I sell my classic car for free?

Let's celebrate classic cars


Behold. 😍 Just look at her.. the personification of grace, beauty and craftsmanship bestowed on four wheels.

Is it any wonder so many of us feel passion and adoration for automobiles when breath takers like Jaguar’s E-Type rolled off the production line. The model pictured here is a 1961 3.8L stunner. One of the first off the line.

Who wouldn’t want to be whizzing around on a sunny day driving this absolute beauty? Top down, not a care in the world.

At the time of blogging, there are 5,732 E-Types in the UK with MOTs.

Weigh that up against 30,843,909 cars and vehicles currently with valid MOTs and Jag E-types count for 0.0186% of the lion’s share.


Next spring the E-type turns 60 years old. And by goodness she’s still got it.

It’s a joy to see motorists keeping their classic cars on the road, and that goes for any make or model – not just the ultra fancy ones.

From the Porsche 911, to Land Rover to VW Beetle, to the majestic Mercedes 300SL Gullwing to the Ferrari 250 GTO and the superior Ashton Martin DB5; FYI there are only 343 currently MOTed in the UK.

But get this, there are only 33 Ferrari 250 GTOs left… in the entire world! 

The classic cars that keep on running are because of their diligent owners who cherish and look after them and when needed boost them with reclaimed car parts.

That’s what’s so wonderful about used car parts depots and breakers yards like ours, they can help keep classics like these and modern day classics going.


We’ve had some belters come into our scrap yard in Bolton, including a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, we have had someone sell a Lotus Elite to us, some sell a Morris Minor (nothing finer), we’ve had an MGB GT, we had someone sell a Triumph stag MK1, we buy Escort Sierras for best price and we pay top price for selling an old Mini Cooper. 

If you’re looking to find the nearest scrap yard, then you have found us. We are a local scrap yard operating on a national level. We always buy high end cars too. So we will take scrap Mercedes, and if you’re looking for a Mercedes scrap yard let us help you.

Plus we are all ears if you’re looking for a Land Rover scrap yard or an Audi scrap yard. Get in touch if you are looking for quality used Audi parts too.

And let’s not leave out the BMW fans. We have BMW engines for sale, we have BMW used car parts for sale. We will buy your BMW if you want to sell a BMW for the best price.


So if you need a BMW breakers yard locally, contact The Scrappers today. If you need used BMW car parts in Bolton contact us.

We will collect your can or scrap van and take it to our salvage yard in Bolton where it can be recycled at our Authorised Treatment Facility.

Collection won’t cost you bean and we pay for you scrap car by putting the money in your bank.

This is after you get the best price for your vehicle.

If you want the best price for a scrap vehicle drop The Scrappers a line.

Don’t chance it, go with a name you can trust.

Get the best prices on used car parts too from the friendly Scrappers team.

Britain’s best breakers yard can serve you with parts online too. In fact, shopping online for car parts has never been easier.

Scrapping a car has never been as simple either.

When you sell your scrap car locally it will go to our authorised treatment facility in Bolton, it’ll be dismantled and depolluted.

In return, as well as a big fat pay out in your bank, you also get a certificate of destruction.  This is legal evidence you have scrapped your car responsibly and to government standards. 

Only Authorised Treatment Facilities like The Scrappers are monitored by the Environment Agency to guarantee rules and regulations are being followed.

So what are you eating for? Call The Scrappers today on (01204) 388488. Or fill out online form right here.

The Scrappers – seeing you right on the road.