Scrapping a car in Bolton - cars stacked

Where can I ‘sell my car for scrap’ in Bolton?

If you are searching online asking, ‘Where can I sell my car for scrap’ in Bolton?’ Then the easy and hassle-free way is to contact The Scrappers.

The Bolton-based car scrap yard has a dedicated team willing to offer the best price for your scrap car or van and is keen to hear from you if you want to scrap a vehicle in Bolton or in the surrounding area. They are also interested if you are using the search terms:

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The North West’s leading car breakers

Indeed, The Scrappers are the North West’s leading car breakers and will offer a free instant quote so you’ll know how much your scrap car is worth and you can enjoy a free scrap car collection service too.

Your car will be picked up at a time to suit you and you will be paid directly into your bank account when this happens.

You should never accept cash from anyone saying they will scrap your car because it’s now against the law to receive money.

This means that you will need photo ID when selling your scrap car and your account details.

In addition, regardless of whether your car has reached the end of its life, or has been accident damaged or is an MOT failure, you can still earn a good price for your car.

Use an authorised treatment facility

Scrapping a car in Bolton - cars stacked

If you need to sell my car for scrap in Bolton – you need The Scrappers.

However, it’s important that you use an authorised treatment facility (ATF) for this purpose because only they can offer you a Certificate of Destruction.

While this last point may not be important, an authorised treatment facility is monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure your car is scrapped legally and only an ATF can offer this certificate.

It’s the certificate of destruction that proves to the DVLA that you have met with the law’s demands in the United Kingdom for scrapped vehicles.

For the best way of finding out how much your car is worth from a scrap yard, you can get an instant quote from the friendly team at The Scrappers.

The Scrappers are also interested in salvage vehicles

You need to be honest about the condition of your vehicle and scrapping your motor is quicker than selling your car to a third party and The Scrappers are also interested in salvage vehicles – a salvage car is one that has been written by an insurer.

Essentially, if you need to ‘sell my car for scrap in Bolton’ – and if you want to earn the best price – then you need to contact the professionals at The Scrappers on (01204) 388488 or use their free online instant quote form.