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Where can I sell my car fast?


As a leading scrap company that’s been around for almost three decades we’ve been on the receiving end of some rather unusual metal objects.

Just this week we’ve had an air rifle. We’re not in the business of buying any type of guns but you do get the odd strange offer.

What a view 😍
It’s not just vehicles that come in the yard, on average we get about 1000 fridges a year. We take 400 to 500 barbecue grills. Then there’s things like chicken wire, copper piping, you name it, we’ve had it.
Obviously it’s the scrap car, scrap van and any scrap vehicle we are mainly after. But we do buy ferrous and non-ferrous metal too!
And when it comes to paying top dough for vehicles, we buy cars that are still running that people want to sell on.
When someone decides they want to sell their car, the first things that goes through their mind are, “how much can I sell my car for”.. “what do I need to do to sell my car,” “what paperwork do I need to sell my car”, “what do I need to do to sell a car privately?” “How do you write a bill of sale for a car UK?” So many questions like these..
Yes, The Scrappers can guide you every step of the way. In fact we are here to take any stress out of selling or scrapping your car away.
Thirty years in the business means we have moved with the times and know the ins and outs of scrapping vehicles and selling them too.
So let us take away any worries you may have and make the process of scrapping or selling a vehicle easy as pie.
One other big, and probably most important question, you will be asking is “where can I sell my car for best price?”, another big question is “where can I sell my car fast?” and rightly so.
Who wants to spend weeks on end trying to sell their car? When all you want is the money right there and then. If you’re selling a car you can get cash paid for it too – that’s because it’s a car that’s going to be back on the road.
For scrap cars, however, you’ll get payment straight into your bank account, as legislation means you can’t get cash for end of life vehicles.
But what you do get, every time, is the best payment for your vehicle – runners and non-runners.
And you can find out your vehicle’s worth by using our simple vehicle valuation checker on our website. Just click the car 🚘
The Scrappers are also ahead of the game when it comes to used car parts. Quality used car parts. So if you’ve been wondering, “where can i buy car parts for cheap?” or “what is the best website for car parts?” then you need to click the car and let us do the rest!
The Scrappers – all the answers you’ll ever need when it comes to selling or scrapping you vehicle.  
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