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Where Can I Sell Copper Wire?


No you’ve not accidentally landed on a dating site – this is The Scrappers blog site and we want to hook up with something far more desirable – COPPER.

Copper is getting us hot under the collar at the moment so we need more of it and in return we will pay the best price for it!

Copper is hot to trot right now, demand is high so if you have copper to sell please get in touch and get paid the best price going!

We need copper wiring and car wiring loom and did we mention we pay the best prices for it!

Cop a load of this copper!

Current demand has sky-rocketed, so we urgently need all grades of copper wire to feed this surge in copper appetite!

If you’ve got copper you’ve been wanting to sell for the best going prices around, just call the copper hotline. Talk to our copper buying agents at The Scrappers – sell your copper for the best price. 


The number you need is (01204) 388488. 

The Scrappers Breakers Yard in Bolton, usually strips around 50 tons of copper wire a year from scrap vehicles. Roughly that equates to 11,700 miles per year and over the past 10 years would have amounted to enough wire to go around the world four and a half times over!

Modern more electric dependent cars are heavily copper wired.  Older vehicles or more basic cars with less of the mod cons aren’t as coppered out. But there is still copper in them!

Amazingly, you get about a mile in length from a small car and around five miles in a fancier BMW X5 series for example.

Stripping out wires from cars is labour intensive work, but The Scrappers have been doing a decent job of it for 10 years.

As the cars of the future become even more reliant on electricity even more copper wiring will be found inside a vehicle. Copper is used for electronics, the battery and it is also used in wiring harnesses. It is used to pass on signals through the various vehicle systems such as the car radio and any computing systems too.


Alternators and starter motors also contain copper. 

So if you have copper wiring to sell or if you have a car to sell which is riddled with copper call us. Likewise if you have a car to scrap why not contact us today. Sell copper, buy copper. Let’s talk copper!

We are always looking to do deals and we always pay the best price for wheels.

So if you are thinking, “I want the best price for my car”, then that’s The Scrappers.

Or, ‘I want to scrap my car locally’, then contact The Scrappers.

Or, ‘I want to sell my car near me’, contact The Scrappers.

We pay the best price for scrap. And we have cheap quality used car parts in Bolton and for the nation.


So come and copper us up and let’s do business.

Sell your car today, we buy high end vehicles, non-runners, MOT failed motors, insurance write-offs.

We go fo the lot and give you an amazing price in return.

The money goes into your bank and you ex car will be dealt with at our authorised treatments facility in Bolton.

We can collect form anywhere so don’t worry if you’re based in the south, east or north.

Make money fast and sell us your copper today!

Our trusted collection agents cover far and wide.

Contact us 01204 388488.

And if you want to scrap a van click here.