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Where Can I Scrap My Motorhome?

Scrap My Caravan

Scrap or sell us your motorhome!

That’s right, you heard us correctly! 

We will take your motorhome or caravan off your hands if you no longer want it.

Perhaps you want to scrap a motorhome and you’ve been wondering, “where can I scrap my motorhome?”.  Or “where can I scrap my caravan?” may be playing on your mind.

Then we have the solution, scrap a caravan, scrap a motorhome, or scrap a van with The Scrappers!

There’s a lot of people out there looking to repair their motorhome or caravan.  This means motorhome spare parts or caravan spare parts could be just the ticket to keep them going.

So even a clapped out caravan or motorhome may have its uses for others that aren’t so disheveled. 

And to the people wanting to sell their motorhome or caravan, we get the reasons why. The Scrappers understand there could be a multitude of reasons you want to get shut.  

Is your caravan taking up too much space on your driveway? Do you need that extra space to extend your home or free up some land to make your garden mint for the summer?

Did you used to take it to France all the time, but given the current circumstances and travel restriction you’re seriously what is the point?!

Well then, get in touch with The Scrappers as we buy any caravan or motorhome, so if you want to scrap a caravan we’ll sort you out. 


Our headquarters are in Bolton, but we travel all over the North West so collecting your motorhome or caravan is completely cool with us. We have the manpower and the transport so don’t worry as we can sort out all the logistics. 

All you have to do is let us know about the vehicle you’re selling or scrapping and we can do the merry rest.

The same applies to any van for sale too or any van for scrap. If you’re wondering who pays most for scrap vans it’s your friendly salvage team – The Scrappers. 

We’ll never just toss a motorhome or caravan on the scrap heap either. We’ll strip it bare and use every part possible because recycling is what we are all about.

We keep out shelves stocked with every part imaginable because we firmly believe in getting extra mileage out of everything and saving money in the process. 

So why don’t you give us a call today on 01204388488 and let’s talk about selling a motorhome today! Remember, if you are thinking, “where can I scrap my caravan?” who you should call – us! And it’s the same story with motorhomes too. If you are thinking, “where can I scrap my motorhome?” give us a shout and we’ll sort you out. So go on, do a scrap my caravan today with us! 

And let’s not leave out all the car lovers either.. we also buy cars too, you can very quickly get a quote for your vehicle by tapping in your details in our vehicle calculator. Why not give it a try today? There is no obligation. 

And you can also look for a spare part by checking out our online parts checker – what are you waiting for? Give it a go today!

Don’t forget call 01204388488.