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Where Can I Scrap My Car Bury?

Scrap A Car In Bury

MOTORISTS will be chuffed that during the latest budget announcement fuel duty is sticking at 57.95p per litre.

scrap cars at a Bolton breakers yard

That makes it the 11th year running rates will not change. This means vehicle owners can sleep easy in the knowledge they’re not burdened with another extra expense. 

In these financially nail-biting times, keeping vehicle costs to a minimum matters more than ever.

If you’ve been watching the pennies you are probably looking to save money in every way possible.  Saving money when it comes to your car – including keeping it on the road.

But if you’ve reached that stage in your vehicle’s life where spending on it is costing more than it should, you have other options. One very viable alternative, is to sell or scrap it with us – The Scrappers. We buy any car, whether that’s for scrap, for parts or for resale.

Even when a car or van is letting you down on the money front, it’ll prove it’s worth to us.  

That’s why we can pay a better price for a scrap car than the scrap value, you’ll get paid the real worth instead. 

Want to make the best profit on your scrap car? Call us 01204388488 today.


We offer a free car collection service and payment goes directly into your bank account. It’s simple, fast and furious for all the right reasons! 

So say you live down the road from Bolton in Bury, for example, and it suddenly strikes  you, “where can I scrap my car Bury way?” you can scrap a car in Bury with The Scrappers.

Say you live in Greater Manchester, Chorlton for example, and you’re thinking, “where can I scrap my car Chorlton?” Then let The Scrappers take care of business. We can car collect in Chorlton, we can car collect in Bury, we can car collect all over the North West. We often travel further out around England too. 

Our gigantic salvage and depollution plant takes in cars, vans, trucks, busses and bikes from all over the place.

scrap an electric car

The Scrappers are a trusted ATF (authorised treatment facility) with over a quarter of a Century of experience in the beautiful world of car salvation. 

We work relentlessly to help reduce the carbon footprint of every vehicle that comes through our gates. And we do this by recycling every nook and cranny and part of a car we can.


Many parts of scrap cars can be used in other cars so that’s why we will dismantle a vehicle and let nothing go to waste. 

We remove all the hazardous waste from oils, to fuel, to screen wash and dispose if it safely. This is all done in accordance with strict regulatory measures. We have a depollution team dedicated to this cause.

The shell of a scrap vehicle is then ripped into small manageable pieces which are loaded onto recycling trucks. These trucks come into the yard daily to take away metal which will be melted down and eventually become some else. 

That’s how the scrap industry works. It’s recycling at its best. Scrap you car today and be part of this exciting industry.

So why not get an instant quote online or just call us up on 01204388488.  

The Scrappers – proud to be working towards a greener future.