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Where can I scrap my car before New Years Day near me?

Have I got time to scrap my car before 2022?

Yikes! Another year almost over, while 2022 waits in the wings.

Who knows what comes our way next year… 

At least you can rely on one thing, The Scrappers are here for you, just like we have been for over the past 35 years.

So if you need to scrap a vehicle, but used car parts or even sell scrap metal – there’s still time to cash in before Big Ben strikes midnight on Dec 31st!

And if you’re reading this after NYE, worry not. The Scrappers are open for business.

Apart from closing on New Years Day, we will be ready to serve you whatever your scrapyard needs.

If you’re looking to earn some money before 2022, you can get in touch with us now. Call us up on 01204 388488 and tell us about your scrap car or van.

So if you’ve been wondering, “have I got time to scrap my car before 2022?” the answer is yes.

Or if you’ve been asking, “where can I scrap my car before New Years Day near me?” don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


And because The Scrappers are known for paying the best prices for scrap vehicles in Bolton and the North West you know we make sense.

You can even seal the deal online. Just pop in some details about the vehicle you want to scrap and let technology do the rest. The Scrappers can even come and collect your vehicle for free.

But hurry, if you want to cash in before the new year you need to get a shift on. If not, we’ll see you on the other side!

And don’t forget we are the used car parts supplier to go to. We have thousands of used car parts in stock. So if you need a new engine to rev up your 2022 or a gearbox to get you moving, come and speak to us. Perhaps you’re after a new set of fancy tyres at a fraction fo the price of new. That’s not a problem with The Scrappers.

Whatever your needs, let The Scrappers see you right.

Call us today on 01204 388488 or go online.

And if you have scrap metal to sell, not matter what grade speak to JAW Metals.

Demand for scrap metal is currently at an all time high so why not cash in on that spare metal you’ve got lying about. Whether it’s ferrous or non-ferrous metal, turn it into cash and enjoy!