Where Can I Get A Replacement Engine?

Replacement engines


So, you’ve decided you want to get a new car. Well, not brand new. You want a decent used car at a bargain price.

If you’ve never bought a second hand car before, there’s probably a few pointers you should bear in mind. Here’s a few pointers from people in the know, The Scrappers!

Replacement engines
Check the exterior 
Make sure you have a good nosey around the body work. Is there any rust? Can you see any dents. Look for any cracks. Check the windows too. Has the vehicle ever been in an accident? Always worth investigating.


Check the suspension
Use your body weight to press the front of the vehicle down and bounce it a few times before releasing. Then do the same at the back of the car. If you notice the vehicle bouncing more than two or three times after you’ve released it, you can be pretty certain the suspension is on the way out.


Look under the vehicle
Look under the car for leaks. Check the tyres, check the treads. Don’t forget All Tyred Up can sort you on that score, if you need part worn tyres or new tyres in Bolton or further afield.


Check under the hood
What’s going under there? Does the engine look sweet? Is the battery intact. Are all the fluids as they should be? It’ll give you an indication of whether the previous owner has kept on top of things such as engine oil and brake fluid.


Have a good check in the interior
What kind of condition is the interior in? Is the carpet worn, or are the seats ripped? Check the dashboards for cracks. May sure nothing is missing and test all the parts from radio to speakers, to heating and window wipers.


Check all the electrics
Make sure everythings is sparking properly from headlamps to blowers to dashboard lights.


Take her for a spin!
Get in the driving seat and take that car out for a ride, see how she holds on the road, feels, speeds, cruises.


Used cars can have their glitches, but minor issues can soon be rectified without costing the earth. That’s where The Scrappers come in. You might need a certain part from new wipers to a car battery replacement at a cost that’s reasonable to you.
The may even have the perfect car for you already waiting in their yard as they don’t just buy scrap cars, they also buy runner that are in good working order.
And because they know what makes a good running vehicle you will be in experts hands.
Alternatively if you want to scrap a car Bolton way or if you live in the North West, just give The Scrappers a call on 01204 388488. Or go online and see what’s in store.
From parts to replacement engines to replacement gearboxes. So if you’re thinking, “where can I get a replacement engine?” you’ve come to the right place!