Where Can I Find Export Car Parts?

COP a load of this – the film below shows what happened afterwards to the copper wiring stripped from scrapped vehicles in our yard.
Copper is highly ductile, meaning it can be stretched out as thin as possible yet remain strong. It’s used in electrical wiring, is malleable and resistant to corrosion.
There’s more copper found in better built vehicles that are heavily tech reliant.
And that’s why it would be a terrible waste not to recycle all this copper.
We posted an article about how we had miles and miles worth of copper wiring that we’ve taken from cars over the past ten years.
Enough to wrap around the world almost four and a half time over in fact!
Shortly after our article went live, we were contacted by a company called A&G Metal Solutions who have over 100 years in the scrap metal recycling industry. 
They bought a tons’s worth of wires sitting in our Bolton Breakers yard. 
So off the wires went to their site near Doncaster where the process of separating them from their plastic casings to becoming pure copper powder again took place.
This end result copper powder that you’ll see in the footage will eventually be turned into something spectacular and useful again, maybe even more motor wiring.
It highlights how key the scrap industry is when it comes to reducing carbon waste and promoting recycling.
It’s just one out of many different aspects to the busy and exciting salvage yard business.
At The Scrappers we are always interested in being buyers of late model cars and vans for salvage.
We also buy accident damaged cars and cars with high mileage.
And we buy in bulk too, so if you’re looking to shift a load of cars or a fleet of vans, give us a call.
Our HQ is in Bolton but we operate on a national scale and provide nationwide scrap car collections. So no distance is too far for us.
We’re major exporters too, many of our parts, probably 60 percent, go off to other countries around the world. And we are always looking to expand.

Take a look at these alloys here. It takes approximately 100 alloy wheels to make up one metric ton.

Alloy alloy…what do we have here then?…
You got ingot, that’s what you got.
The cash equivalent is usually around £1,000 per ton when prices are buoyant.
The image here shows they are ready to go to what is known as ‘smelting’ – the process of extracting a metal from its ore.
Terry Walker head of The Scrappers explains: “These will go into a furnace and get melted down into aluminium ingots. Similar size and shape to gold ingots but aluminum. They go to a foundry and then they move on from there to the best buyer. Sometimes that’s China, sometimes India, sometimes Turkey – depends on where the demand is at the time.”
If you’re interested in buying alloys, engines or any other car parts for export, get in touch.
We are always open for business. Give us a call on (01204) 388 488 or email us here.
Or if you’re wondering.. ‘where can I find export car parts?”
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