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There’s a lot of bad habits motorists adopt when they’ve been driving for a while – and we don’t just mean picking your nose at the wheel!

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Happy new gear! Replacement gearboxes 

There are far worse habits when it comes to looking after your car.

Pulling daft manoeuvres and not sticking to road rules not only runs the risk of having an accident or getting in trouble with law – it can actually harm your car and cost a great deal of money to correct.

By being sensible behind the wheel and respecting your motor, you can enjoy her a lot longer.

Here are a few common bad driving habits to avoid when you’re on the road. Believe us, your vehicle will thank you: 🙏

Putting too much junk in the trunk and everywhere else will put pressure on your car or van, affecting the suspension and putting pressure on the brakes. Check your vehicle’s maximum weight limit so you’re not adding too much for it to take. 

Heavily loaded vehicles also guzzle your fuel faster – and who needs that?!

Speed bumps; they are there for a reason, to slow you down. A failure to do this means your suspension is at serious risk of damage. Beware of potholes too, avoiding when possible and at the very least slowing right down. 

Breaking late or suddenly puts a lot of pressure on your brake pads and discs meaning over a shorter period of time your brakes won’t be as effective. 

If you keep your foot on the brake for too long it will also harm the braking system making it overheat which rapidly brings on the onset of wear and tear.

If you rest your hand on the gear stick you could be damaging the gear selector or putting extra pressure onto the gearbox, plus both hands should be on the wheel enabling you to drive safely. 

Naturally, as a leading salvage yard in the North West we can help if certain parts of your car are suffering as a result of bad driving habits.

And because we sell quality used car parts and quality used van parts you’ll save a whole lot of money instead of buying brand new.

All out parts are rigorously checked, cleaned and tested prior to shipping or fitting. 

What’s more is that using recycled car parts that are in good working order is saving money and helping to save the planet. It’s a greener way of keeping your vehicle running, as well as avoiding naughty driving habits. 

And as for picking your nose… carry a box of tissues in the car! 


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