Where can I buy car parts for export?

Buy Car Parts For Export


You may think we are a local Bolton scrap yard and that’s us. 
Yes we’re based in Bolton and we dearly love our fellow Boltonians who have been loyal customers for years.
We’re also a nationwide outfit and global operation too.
The scrap car and scrap metal industry really does bring the world together.
Right now with some much going, it’s easy to feel uneasy but life tends to throw up challenges and you just have to keep battling on.
Today we’ve sorted a deal with one of our Polish exporters. He likes to buy car parts for export.

He’s taking a fleet of car bumper fronts from us.

Pull up to the bumpers baby!
As you can see from the image, they’re all in quality nick and will make motorists proud when fitted on to another vehicle.
“This particular exporter has been coming into the yard for 10 years. He comes down once a month and attacks all the front end parts and takes them back to Poland,” explains The Scrappers main man Terry Walker.
“He probably then sells to people who have got orders in or sells them online.”
That is what is so awesome about this business, how things don’t get wasted, they get reused, recycled, reborn.
It’s all too easy to live in a throw away society, disregarding stuff when you no longer want it.
But as we try to make the planet more sustainable, it’s great to appreciate industries that reuse and recycle like the car scrap business.
So please help us to do that.
If you have a vehicle that you longer want, it could be an insurance write-off, the road tax is about to expire, it’s MOT is due, it’s starting to cost more to fix than it’s worth or just fancy a new motor and want to scrap a car you already have.
If it’s any of the above or any other reason you want to sell a car then call us today.
We’ll stress the following until we are blue in the face – we will pay the current value for your vehicle – not just the scrap value.
That’s the difference at The Scrappers, you always get the best price for scrap car value in Bolton and nationwide.
The same applies to anybody wanting top quality used car parts – maybe you want a replacement front bumper.
Perhaps you need a new back bumper too if someone shunted into you?
You might need a new replacement car door, or a wing mirror – replacement interior car seats even.
Engines, cat cons, batteries, front light, rear lights, part-worn tyres.
You get the picture!
Everything and anything car breaker wise, let The Scrappers sort you out.
Call us (01204) 388488
Or go online, like we say all the time. Click the 🚘 and get a quote in seconds. Or search our fabulous database of used car parts.
Don’t forget we all buy scrap vans, scrap trucks, scrap pick-up trucks, scrap 4x4s, and scrap bikes too.
So pick up the phone and scrap a car locally, scrap a car nationally, buy car parts globally. The scrap world is your oyster!