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Where Is Nearest Audi Breakers Yard?

You can always tell when we’ve had wet weather. 

Generally we pick up more write-offs, just because motorists are more prone to get into road traffic accidents when the weather’s wet again after a dry spell.

In fact the very changeable and temperamental British weather often affects how our cars respond.

The Scrappers boss Terry Walker explains:

“When the weather changes is when you see cars go wrong,” he said.

“For instance if the weather goes hot you get cars overheating so you get them coming in with head gasket trouble, water trouble, radiator leaks and things like that.”

In winter months, it’s even worse.

Wet weather has caused a few collisions

“When it goes frosty we get customers coming in for wiper motors. They just press the motor without defrosting first so the motors in the door or the front or back motor wipers burn out.

“Hot weather you get them coming in for air conditioned pumps that start failing.

“And then when it snows we get a lot of collision damaged cars coming in from all the slipping around on the icy roads.”

Terry who runs Britain’s best known breakers yard in Bolton says the rain causes the greatest havoc on the roads too. 

“When it starts to rain the roads are a bit more slippery and people lose control,” he added.


But it’s the sudden fours-seasons-in-one-day kind of weather that can also cause an increase in accidents.

“They can be cruising along nice and bonny on a sunny day. Then it starts to be a shower of rain and they’ll just go straight through that puddle and expect the brakes to react. But they don’t so you get a lot of cars in collisions.

“When the weather clashes on the same day, that’s when you get more accidents.

“Say for instance it is fine overnight and then frosty the next morning. People jump in their cars and turn the wiper motor on when the windscreen wipers are stuck to the windscreen. They burn their wiper motor out so you get a lot of motors like alternators and starter motors making that turning over noise. They won’t start straight away so they whizz them over. You get a lot of starter motors alternators, air con pumps in the summer that have gone.”

The end of the month is also when most cars arrive in the scrap yard, says Terry.

“The end of the month are all times when there is usually a surge in the number of cars coming to us,” said Terry.


Road tax is due at the end of the month. For many motorists this extra expense means having a serious think about whether it’s worth taxing their current vehicle or scrapping it. 

“Many choose the scrap option,” he added.

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