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The wheel – man’s greatest invention. Cars owe a lot to wheels and would be pretty useless without them!

The Scrappers team loves wheels too – tyres and alloys have them in a giddy spin.

That’s why they have just launched sister company All Tyred Up – for all your tyre needs under one roof.

If you think it’s time for replacement tyres in Bolton or further afield then All Tyred Up are the crew to sort all your tyre issues.

Ring 01204567666 for rings!

But there are also maintenance measures as motorists that you can do.

So today, thanks to the All Tyred Up team, we are going to run through a few simple pointers to keep you on track!

Here are the arts of basic tyre maintenance:

Check your tyre pressure

Tyres naturally lose between 1 and 2 PSI per month. PSI means pound-force per square inch – the pressure of force from one pound of force applied on a square inch. So the next time you go to the petrol station check your tyre pressure.

This ensures you’re driving your vehicle safely and getting a better amount of fuel to the mile. 

Rotating Tyres

Tyres should be rotated each time you’ve clocked up between 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Doing this will mean the tread systematically wears on all tyres. This will increase the mileage and increase your vehicle’s performance too. 

Visual inspections

Get into the habit of having a good look at your tyres regularly. Inspect especially if you’ve been prone to hitting a few speed bumps and potholes. 

These types of discrepancies can weaken the exterior of your tyres and lead to blow-outs. 

If checking your tyres still fills you with unease then you can always pop down to the All Tyred Up depot. They are right next to Bolton’s best scrap and breakers yard The Scrappers – Metro Salvage.

Not only can the All Tyred UP team see to any tyre aspect or issues from wheel balancing to replacement tyres and fitting, they are also air-con recharge specialists, car battery expert fitters, replacement exhaust professionals and alloy gurus!

Should your vehicle needs extend to more than that, let The Scrappers help you out.


After all, they have thousands of quality used car parts, from second hand engines like BMW engines, Mercedes engines for sale, Toyota engines, Ford engines, Audi engines for sale, any engine imaginable.

Not just quality used engines, gearboxes, exterior panels, interior panels, wing mirrors, steering wheels, seats – the lot!

Give them a call and the team will do their utmost to help you with any used car parts in Bolton and beyond. You can even search online for car parts and they are usually posted out to you the very same day.

And should it be time to part with your vehicle then The Scrappers can come and collect your car, no matter where in the country you are based.

Just this week they’ve had their scrap car agents in Essex collecting scrap vans and also in Twickenham London again collecting scrap vans. 

Just because they are scrap car company in Bolton doesn’t limit their scrap car collecting spectrum to the northwest – The Scrappers have trusted collection agents nationwide.

So if you’re wondering, “where are second hand engines for sale?” Give The Scrappers a call today on 01204388488.

Give All Tyred up a call on 01204 567666.