Where Are Cheapest Used Car Parts Manchester?

Used Car Parts Manchester


Being a good motorist involves a few factors to ensure you’re at your driving best. 

Not only does that mean being gracious to fellow motorists but also being aware of a few straightforward and effective rules. 

With a little help from the car loving team at Bolton’s best breakers yard, today we’ll cover ‘The  Scrappers Seven Super Rules of Driving’: 

Vehicle maintenance

First and foremost you want a car that’s in good working order. All components working tickety boo and getting you from A to B safely and smoothly.

Look after your beloved motor & drive safely!

This mean regular servicing and fixing any issues that may have come to light. If you do have a problem with a part or a function of your vehicle, then The Scrappers can help. They have thousands of used car parts in Bolton and used car parts Manchester which are sold across the UK and globally. Their used car parts are always bargain used car parts, so give them a call on 01204 388488. Parts are usually posted out the same day of purchase.

Speed Guidelines

Speed limits are there for a reason – to ensure everyone’s safety. When you exceed the speeding limit, you’re not only breaking the law, you are putting people’s lives in danger including your own.

Stick to the implemented speeding limit, stay safe and also save on fuel.

Blind overtaking

Hills and corners where you can’t see oncoming traffic yet risk overtaking anyway is a mugs game. There have been so many tragic accidents because of blind overtaking. Don’t do it.

Head-on accident. Crushed.
Tyre pressure

Incorrect tyre pressure is a bad idea on so many levels. It can affect your vehicle’s ability to brake. Lack of pressure or too much can impact the stability of your motor and how it holds on the road, affecting how your car handles the road. Your vehicle can hop quite violently if there is too much air pressure when driving over speed bumps or potholes. Did you know the Scrapper’s sister company All Tyred Up offer free air pressure checks? Plus they can sort you out with all of your tyre needs from part-worn tyres to new tyres and bargain alloys. Give them a call on 01204567666.

Sufficient sleep

A lack of sleep can affect your concentration levels resulting in lack of awareness and alertness and decision making.  Plus there is the very real risk you could fall asleep at the wheel. Don’t drive if you’re sleepy. Get your head down beforehand and have a power nap, or at least get a strong coffee down you and fresh air. 


Why would you? Why? Keep alcohol and driving separate. If you;re going to booze then get another mode of transport. Taxi, uber, public transport or walk it. There’s no excuse to drink and drive. 

As a scrap yard, the Scrappers sometimes unfortunately have to collect accident vehicles and it isn’t a pleasant thing to do. So please stay safe behind the wheel everyone.

So if you’re wondering, “Where Are Cheapest Used Car Parts Manchester?” or If you want to scrap a car call The Scrappers 01204 388488 or click the 🚘

For all your tyre needs call 01204567666. Or click ♻︎