For your electric vehicle battery replacement – call The Scrappers

Struggling to find an electric vehicle battery to replace yours? While electric cars and vans are growing in popularity, you may find EV batteries hard to find – here we explain why.

Firstly, many of the batteries in electric cars are leased or rented from the vehicle manufacturer, so when the electric car or van reaches the end of its life, the batteries go back to the maker.

This makes sense because the batteries for electric cars and vans cannot be currently recycled so rather than have them sitting around scrap yards, they are being sent and stored until a solution is found.

Some manufacturers such as the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe now don’t have leases for the batteries. But what about those electric car and van owners who don’t lease their car’s battery pack? Well, it may be difficult finding used electric car batteries for sale.

Finding a Nissan Leaf battery replacement

That is because there are not that many electric cars being recycled currently but this number is set to grow as they become increasingly popular with UK drivers, though finding a Nissan Leaf battery replacement is getting easier because it’s the most popular EV.

While they are clean and cheap to run, the batteries will last for several years but there may be occasions when you need to replace yours.

The issue is that not every scrap yard will be geared-up or have staff trained in scrapping and recycling electric cars and vans.

This means that the number of potential scrap yards offering electric vehicle batteries for sale is still relatively small.

However, The Scrappers are scrapping electric cars and paying the best price to the owner when doing so, so it is always worth getting in touch with the friendly team if you need a replacement EV battery.

Electric car battery

The issue over why so few vehicle dismantling firms are dealing with EVs and the electric car battery is tied into why their staff need to be specially trained.

Essentially, recycling an electric car can be a dangerous undertaking if the person carrying out the work does not know what they’re doing.

Along with a risk of electrocution when mishandling the EV battery, there’s also a problem removing the sophisticated electrical system too.

This means there are various hazards that the scrap yard employee will face so it’s important that if you need to scrap an EV that you deal with a reputable firm such as The Scrappers who can pick up your end of life electric car and pay the best price when doing so.

This also means that The Scrappers may have a replacement EV battery for your vehicle since they scrap thousands of cars annually with hundreds of shelves of used car parts available to buy, it is possible that your need for a replacement electric car battery will be among them. Call the friendly team today on (01204) 388488 to find out more.