When is the right time to scrap a car?

Best place to scrap my car

Your scrapyard, The Scrappers, needs you!

Let’s cut to the chase today, we need scrap cars and we need them now!

Have you decided it time to scrap your car today?

Perhaps you’ve been browsing, “best place to scrap my car” recently?

May be you’ve been wondering, “when is the right time to scrap a car?”

It sounds like it might be time to contact us.


A good indicator your car is ready for scrapping is when it’s going to cost far more to fix than it’s worth.

In other words, chucking good money after bad which is bleeding you dry financially.

When that happens, you start feeling resentment towards a motor you once cherished. 

The Scrappers reckon it would be a good idea to contact them instead. 

Especially if you are based in the Greater Manchester or Lancashire area or within a 50 miles radius of Bolton. 

Are you thinking or searching, “scrap my car Lancashire”? then contact The Scrappers. Or maybe you’re thinking, “scrap my car Manchester”. You need to call on The Scrappers – it’ll be the best thing you do today. Perhaps you’ve searched “where to scrap a car Cheshire”. That’s us again. 

The Scrappers are a fair and friendly bunch who can offer you more for a scrap car than our competitors.

We are able to offer more money because we break scrap vehicles for parts that are recycled. These parts that are often shipped overseas, as the Scrappers have cultivated relationships globally selling cars and parts across the world.

Not bad for a yard that started out in Waterloo Street Bolton some 30 odd years ago.

Bolton’s best breakers yard’s ethos is to recycle as much as possible. 


We want to help motorists reduce their carbon footprint.

This happens when they choose a reliable above board scrapyard like The Scrappers.

If you want to scrap a vehicle contact an authorised treatment facility (ATF).

Only ATFs are government regulated. This means scrapping and the de-pollution of a vehicle is done safely and to strict standards. 

When you pick to scrap your car with an ATF like The Scrappers, you’re actually being a green machine and should pat yourselves on the back.

So why not do something decent today. Earn greens while being green!

We even have drivers who can come out and collect your vehicle. So that means of course we take non-running cars as well as cars that still run for scrap.

And we’re always after any make or model of car to scrap. We take Audis, BMWs, we take Mercedes, we take Fords, Vauxhall, Skoda, any make or model accepted.

Want to do some wonderfully green today? Contact The Scrappers on 01204 388488

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