What’s the scrap value of my car?

ProCARstination!  😰 🚙


It’s so easy to put something off until tomorrow, when you can do it today.

And then when tomorrow comes, you might as well get on with it the following day!

Everyone is guilty of a bit of procrastination from time to time.

Some of us more than others.

But there’s nothing worse than when things start hanging over your head, getting on your shoulders. It can feel crushing.

Take your car, for example, it’s knackered, it’s giving you no end of trouble and it’s costing a small fortune to keep going.

In your heart of hearts you know it’s time to get rid, yet you keep putting it off! Why when it’s costing you a packet?!

That’s proCARstination – when you keep putting off getting shut of that clapped out vehicle. 

But delaying will only cost you more in the long run. Chucking good money after bad.

Instead why not take the bull by the horns and scrap your car? It’s so easy to scrap a car Bolton way or wherever you are based, because The Scrappers will take care of everything for you.

They believe in getting the job done rather than faffing about. You can enjoy a good honest payout for your old vehicle, money paid directly into your bank account.


This will then free up dosh for you to put towards another car, or van, or truck!

And just imagine  how clear your conscience will feel. A heavy weight suddenly lifted off your shoulders so you can go about and enjoy your day again! Or get on with other tasks you’ve been putting off!

We are all guilty of leaving things ’til the last minute, perhaps more than ever  right now, the current climate isn’t helping many.

But at least at the Scrappers things are cracking on as normal. If you’ve been putting off getting a certain replacement part for your car then contact the Scrappers and they’ll sort it for you.

And don’t put off getting your tyres checked either. If they are going bald you need to get them sorted. Did you know the Scrappers have a fabulous sister company called All Tyred Up, the depot is next door to The Scrappers and they can sort all your tyre needs from fittings and alloys at bargain prices. So call the Scrappers for scrap car parts and replacement parts. And call All Tyred Up for your wheel needs.

Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today! Scrap you car the right way!!

So if you’re thinking about ‘who is best to scrap my car with?’, or ‘where can I get cheap replacement parts?” or “who sells great quality part worn tyres?”, or ‘what’s the scrap value of my car?”, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Scrappers are a Bolton breakers yard, but they serve the whole nation proudly.

They’re an ATF facility meaning everything is done by the book, safely and to protect our precious world.

So do yourself and the world a favour – drop the Scrappers a line today, don’t put it off!

Call 01204388488.