What’s the easiest way to scrap my car?


Remember being a kid and going on a long car journey?

Felt like a lifetime didn’t it!

How many of us got bored five minutes after setting off!

The amount of stuff you’d take with you to hopefully occupy your mind and pass the time.

Games, music, books, comic DVD players!

Service stations were a Godsend, not just for the toilets but just to be able to walk around and grab some snacks or fast food… then would come the car sickness!

Oh to be a kid again 😂

Long car journeys wouldn’t be an official long car journey without the obligatory eye-spy. A game that would last all of 10 minutes on a motorway when the only thing you’d spy were ‘cars’ and ‘motorway’!

And own up, who used to stick their tongue out and other motorists when your parents would overtake them! 

You’d then poop your pants if the motorist in question caught up with you again – especially if they ended up in the same service station!


One thing that properly naff about long car journeys were unreliable cars that broke down.

How horrible was it waiting for the recovery service. Then you’d usually hear your folks kicking off, mum blaming dad, sometimes vice versa.

“I’ve been telling you to get rid of this rust bucket for ages!” Those were the days!

But who wants to risk conking out on the motorway or any road? It’s an awful feeling and one that can be avoided if you take certain measures.

Regular servicing and not sticking with a car that’s seen better days..

That’s where the Scrappers come in.. they can take that rust bucket away and make use of it by reusing the good parts and giving the rest to their grabbing and ripping machine Gloria who will tear it up so the metal can be recycled.

In the process you get a great payout for said rust bucket and no more earache from the other half either – bonus!!!

And the money you make on your old vehicle can be put to good use – towards a reliable new car.

The Scrappers can even help you in that department as they sell some great used cars.


They also sell quality used car parts which can revamp your current vehicle.

If the gearbox is going, or there’s an ugly dent in the door panel, or a crack in the rear light, the Scrappers can sort those issues out with replacement car parts Bolton and beyond at a fraction of the price of brand new.

They break late model cars and older vehicles too. So if you’re struggling to find the right part then why not drop them a line.

No one enjoys a journey – long or short – in a car that they feel unsafe in.

So do the right thing and talk to a team who know cars inside and out – literally.

The Scrappers are your safest bet for staying on the road – and that’s the long and short of it! 

If you’re thinking, ‘what’s the easiest way to scrap my car?’ Call The Scrappers on 01204388488 or go online.