Scrapping your vehicle answers

What you need to know before scrapping your vehicle

If you are thinking about scrapping your car or van, then there may be questions you want to know the answers to before scrapping your vehicle. This article will help.

Most vehicle owners will be scrapping a car for a range of reasons but they will include the fact it’s no longer economical to repair it to become roadworthy or it simply cannot be repaired. Obviously, those vehicles involved in an accident will also be written-off and scrapped.

The easiest and simplest way of scrapping your car is to contact The Scrappers who will offer a price for the vehicle and then ensure it is disposed of legally and efficiently.

This last point cannot be stressed highly enough since unauthorised treatment facilities, that is scrap or breakers’ yards to you and me, may lead to your vehicle being scrapped illegally and leading to you appearing in court.

Things you need to do before scrapping your vehicle

However, there are a number of things you need to do before scrapping a car or van, including:

  • Ensure the vehicle is in your name

That’s because the scrapyard will need to be reassured that you own the vehicle. Also, scrapyards cannot buy your car if you are not listed as being its owner. The V5C document will reveal who the car’s registered keeper is.

  • Do not have a full petrol tank

You are simply wasting money by filling a petrol tank if you know you’re going to scrap the vehicle so ensure there’s little or no petrol left in the tank.

  • Check the belongings

It’s always wise to check you haven’t left anything you own in the car and when you’ve done that, check again. Don’t leave it too late since it’s unlikely that the scrapyard will carry out a full inspection of every nook and cranny looking for personal items.

  • Ensure you get the best scrap deal

It may be worthwhile checking online to see what the scrap value of your car is but it’s not just about money. There may be questions to answer because the scrapyard may be looking to repair and sell your vehicle or break it for parts, so they’ll need to know if it’s worthwhile. This may affect its value.

Contacting The Scrappers to be reassured of getting the best scrap price

While there are online sites available, you will still need to arrange to have your vehicle collected when it may just be easier contacting The Scrappers to be reassured of getting the best scrap price and disposing of the vehicle efficiently.

The friendly team at The Scrappers have years of experience and will be able to answer any questions, so if you’re looking to scrap your car for the best price and to know what to do, speak with them as soon as possible.

Or you can visit The Scrappers’ YouTube channel for more information.